7 Great Bathing Suits for Every Body Type ...

One of the worst parts of summer is wearing a bathing suit, especially if you are self conscious about your body image! If you have been crash dieting to shed the flab before bathing suit season, you can stop starving and start shopping instead. Today’s designers are making bathing suits for every body type from the stick thin figure to more curvy plus sizes. Don’t stress about your trip to the beach this summer. Just do a little shopping and choose from these 10 great bathing suits for every body type.

1. To Add Curves, Try the Christian Ruched One-Piece

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Price: $78.00 at kohls.com
If you have a straight, boyish figure, this bathing suit will add the illusion of curves. With the delicate ruched design across the midsection, it will draw the eye inward, creating the look of an hourglass figure.

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