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If you had to describe fashion in one word, it would probably be trendy. Fashion evolves, cycles and then revolves. If you are a minimalist, attempting to keep up with fashion can become a major headache. The need to have multiple outfits for every possible situation can teeter on the border of insanity. There are some ways that you can create a minimalist wardrobe. All you need are the closet essentials - those items necessary to bring together almost any outfit.

Minimalism is a concept that is catching on worldwide. The concept can be viewed and experienced in hotels, salons, boutiques and even in architectural designs. One place that you don't hear a great deal about minimalism is in wardrobe planning. This does not mean that minimalism isn't possible or that it isn't - very much so - needed.

Minimalism is about quality over quantity, but is also about being practical. Something as simple as the right pair of jogging bottoms can do wonders for your minimalist collection. There are numerous benefits to having a minimalist wardrobe, including reducing space consumption, lower wardrobe costs, less time finding the right outfit to wear. In order to effectively build a minimalist wardrobe there are some things that will be a part of your group of essentials - those things that every woman must have.

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The Perfect Blazer

The Perfect Blazer This is not that moment when you go out and purchase the blazer with the unique patterns and cuts; this blazer needs to be a classic color and cut with no trendy designs or accessories. The classic blazer in a classic color, such as blue or black, will provide you with a diverse piece that you will be able to mix and match in infinite ways. The blazer can be dressed down for the casual look or dressed up for a more formal approach, but either way it creates a mature look that demands that you be taken seriously.


Fashionable Sweaters

Fashionable Sweaters Sweaters will become another staple in your minimalist wardrobe. Look for sweaters that are fashionable and simple. Nothing trendy or dated. You want a timeless wardrobe that is diverse and functional. Don't be afraid to spend a bit more for better quality. Minimalism is not about being cheap. You will want higher quality clothing because the cheaper material will pull and ravel and it won't last long. With cheaper material you will also have to be concerned with fading.

Purchase at least one cashmere sweater and several other fashion forward but simple sweaters that can play a vital role in the building of your wardrobe. According to you can find some great deals on nice quality clothing at consignment shops.


The Perfect Accessory

Purchase yourself an art deco necklace. They are extremely popular right now. The popularity of these pieces will rise and fall over the years, but they will never completely go out of style. This simple piece of jewelry will allow you to change your fashion statement in a split second.


The Right Pair of Shoes

The Right Pair of Shoes According to She Knows, the right pair of shoes will set off any outfit, and what would a wardrobe be without a woman's greatest passion. Pick a nice set of classic or neutral colored high heels that you are able to walk in comfortably.


Favorite Shirts

Favorite Shirts Make sure to get yourself two to three comfortable cotton t-shirts. The best colors would be white, blue and grey. These colors are highly neutral and can be worn with almost any ensemble. These t-shirts can be a simple casual addition to a nice pair of jeans or they can be dressed up with your art deco necklace or in a number of other ways.


The Popular Wrap Dress

The Popular Wrap Dress Your minimalist collection is not complete without a solid color wrap dress. These dresses are exceptionally versatile - allowing you to go semi-formal or casual-comfortable. Throw on a pair of heels and the right earring and you are ready for a night on the town. Throw on some flats and you are ready for a trip to the mall.


Great Cut Jeans

Great Cut Jeans Jeans are a staple in the modern wardrobe. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels and a blazer or kept casual with comfortable sneakers and a simple sweater. Have at least one pair of dark-wash jeans in a classic, flattering cut for your body type. Shy away from flashy beading and embroidery for these. Be aware of pocket placement and cut on the waist. Make sure the jeans fit properly and are made of a good fabric that will keep their shape. Keeping it simple, flattering, and quality will help your jeans sustain your wardrobe as flexible and timeless.

With the few pieces of clothing mentioned here, you are well on your way to having a complete and functional wardrobe. Keep in mind that if you don't absolutely have to have it, don't buy it.

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