7 Vintage Must-Haves ...


7 Vintage Must-Haves ...
7 Vintage Must-Haves ...

Vintage Must-Haves are at the height of everyone's fall wardrobe list. There was once a time when the number one status symbol was the latest and greatest clothing, fashion and accessories. Sure, for a certain group of people paying full price and demanding newness is still the mark of success and self-worth. For those of us who truly know how to shop, on the other hand, vintage is the way to go, and vintage must-haves are the hottest tickets.. Not only does it keep us from spending more than we have to on clothing (so that we have more to spend on our hair and nails), but it’s in high demand. Modern has suddenly become too modern, and several vintage must-haves have cropped up on our well-attuned radar. Even if you’re a postmodern gal, these 7 vintage must-haves, are exactly that.

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High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Shorts Price: $66.00 at us.topshop.comIt certainly takes more than an ounce of personality and self esteem to pull of this subtly sexy look, but if you’re got a healthy dose of both I’d highly recommend investing in a pair. They're definitely one of the top vintage must-haves for the season. Most notably, these denim darlings define your waist with superb precision, especially when worn with a tucked-in silk blouse. Downplay the overt sexiness of these hotpants with a pair of simple flats, simple jewelry, and plain leather satchel.


Feathered Cloche

Feathered Cloche Price: $48.00 at shop.nordstrom.comIn a rather nostalgic sense hats have largely become a thing of the past. Sure, they’re still worn for style occasionally, but most often we rely upon these accessories to keep us warm or shade us from the sun. Gone are the days when all respectable men and women wore hats and when the style you donned actually spoke to your personality. On the bright side, the waning popularity of caps has made them increasingly trendy statement pieces. Taking their name from the French word for bell, cloche hats harken back to the 1920s and this feathered emerald option from Jessica Simpson is the perfect way to spice up your style. Wear with a trench and lace gloves for a sophisticated, ladylike style.


Flared Dress

Flared Dress Price: $71.79 at dorothyperkins.comAside from lace and ruffles, there’s perhaps nothing more feminine than the flared skirt so characteristic of the 1950s, making this one of the most stylish vintage must-haves you'll find. Once bolstered by layers of crinoline, modern fabrics mimic the full skirt of the post-war era without all the fuss. Lined with black at the hemline, this khaki frock is a work of pure vintage perfection. Wear with a string of pearls, pumps, and an understated clutch to make a real statement at your next dinner party or office event.


Mary Janes

Mary Janes **Price: **$118.95 at shop.nordstrom.comReclaim your inner schoolgirl with these platform Mary Janes reminiscent of an era when Catholic school still managed to keep kids in line. Fashioned from high-quality suede, this two-toned pump expertly combines vintage construction with modern color and flair. Wear with sleek cigarette pants and a cardigan.


The Cat Eye

The Cat Eye **Price: **$35.00 at sephora.comNot all vintage must-haves have to do with clothing; some refer to the makeup of latter-day fashion. Difficult to achieve, but beautiful when well executed, the vintage cat eye is an understated, yet artistic way to offset your eyes. The full service kit from Sephora provides you with top quality products to help you achieve this allusive look. Once you’ve grappled with and mastered the liquid liner, complete the vintage look by creating strong arched eyebrows with the included eyebrow pencil


Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants **Price: **$90.00 at us.topshop.comWe’re all familiar with the cigarette, or skinny, jean. A sleek alternative to the flared legs of the ’90s, these pared down pants have become incredibly popular in recent years. Still, the modern day cigarette pant is a far cry from its vintage ancestor. Rising just above the ankle, these well-fitted trousers are perfect for a more relaxed, casual day at home or on the town. Their gorgeous color and metallic sheen keep them from appearing ordinary, and their impeccable construction promises to elongate your legs. Pair with cream button down, kitten heels, and handkerchief for a truly old fashioned look.


Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur Coat **Price: **$190.00 at us.topshop.comIt seems that most people have finally joined the real world and come to realize that fur is cruel. And if you happen to forget, there are plenty of disturbing videos splashed across the internet to remind you, as well as scads of naked celebrities in PETA’s most recent campaign. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the look of fur. Indeed, even the most die-hard fashionistas are willing to make an exception and go faux when it comes to fur. I say touché, because these faux-friendly females can take advantage of the vintage obsession with fur. A good thing too, since many vintage must-haves incorporate the look. Warm and sophisticated, fur delineates an era of luxury and excess and can give your outfits the same extravagance.

These are just a few vintage must-have, though many more are likely on your list. From outerwear to eye-makeup, scour this list for pieces that are versatile, practical, and fun. When looking for the best vintage must-haves, always remember to incorporate your personal style as well; that makes the look even more fashionable. Which of these **vintage must-haves **do you find the most intriguing?

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