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Common Style Mistakes That Cost Women a Fortune ...

By Melissa

Most girls love fashion. We want to try all the newest trends and wear the best brands. We are quick to try out something just because. Sometimes our quickness to check out the latest style can lead to some major style mistakes. Here are some common mistakes we all make and need to stop.

1 Too Many Brands

Too Many Brands Girl, I know you love your name brand clothes and accessories. I love mine too. But what I don’t like is fat labels that leave me looking like a walking billboard and not like a well put together fashionista. Avoid wearing too many visible labels at one time and opt for more discreet pieces in the future.

2 Too Many Trends

Too Many Trends There are so many hot trends out right now. I am sure you would like to try every single one out. That’s great but take a few things into consideration. Not every trend was made for every figure. Wear what works and complements your body best. Also, stick to one trend at a time.

3 Bad Fit

Bad Fit I know you really loved that blouse or them jeans with all the bling on the pockets, but if they don’t fit correctly they aren’t doing you any justice. Some jeans may look super awesome on the rack but once you put them on, you find they are too baggy in the hips or completely flatten your bottom. Be real with yourself and chose clothes that actually fit, even if that means going up a size or passing on a certain brand you love.

4 Too Many Accessories

Too Many Accessories I know us girls love to add a little spice to our look with accessories, but sometimes that look just isn’t working. If your outfit is already kind of busy you probably don’t need two necklaces, 50 bangles and a ring on every finger. Of course, if your outfit is simple then accessorize all you want.

5 Over Dressing

Over Dressing We’ve all seen the girls who are practically in prom attire for a simple date or dressed for the club while sitting in English class. Maybe you’ve been that girl, I know I have. You probably woke up that morning and felt really good about your day so you dressed how you felt. Girl, it is okay to look our absolute best for any occasion, but make sure you aren’t over dressing.

6 Dressing Too Young

Dressing Too Young Another big problem I see are women who dress well out of their age. Just because you got the body to pull it off doesn’t mean you should be wearing clothes made for someone in their early 20s.

7 Dressing Too Old

Dressing Too Old The same goes for teenage girls dressing like women in their 20s. Enjoy your youth and dress accordingly. Consider your age when choosing your style.

Are you guilty of any of these common style mistakes? Do you plan to make any changes now that you are aware of them? Be sure to share this message with a friend who might also be making some of these style mistakes.

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