Tinkerbell Costume and Other Disney Inspired Looks from Outfits You Have ...

By Lauren

So you’re at the age where costumes are stupid but you still want to be festive, right? That’s where I come in. I’ve compiled a list of Disney character looks that you can wear regular clothes and call it a costume! From a Tinkerbell costume to Kevin from Up, you can find inspiration in every character! Don't believe its that easy? Well then I'm going to show you 9 Disney Inspired Outfits to prove you wrong.

1 Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell Tinkerbell is the ultimate Disney diva and her outfit definitely reflects that. This strapless green dress is perfect for copying Tinkerbell's style as it also has a glitter pattern, because what fairy doesn't have glitter? The green bow on the dress is copied onto the color contrasted green pumps to match them together even though they are different green hues. Pairing off this outfit with wing earrings, a fairy dust necklace, and a Tinkerbell clutch makes this the perfect outfit that doubles as a Tinkerbell costume!

2 Bambi

Bambi We're going to start this list of Disney inspired outfits off by drawing fashion inspiration from one of Disney's cutest animals...Bambi! A Bambi inspired outfit is especially great now that neutral colors are back in style. Contrast different brown and tan articles of clothing to achieve this outfit and don't forget to pair it with gold jewelry!

3 Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"

Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" Trying to find Disney inspired outfits for a fancy dinner party or wedding? Then draw some inspiration from Belle! This outfit is a shorter and sexier take on Belle's famous yellow ball gown. This dress is a gold colored ballerina style dress that's tight on the top and loose on the bottom. The dress is enough of a statement so the shoes that are paired don't need to be anything fancy, just a simple off white colored pump. Wear a tea pot necklace to add even more of Belle inspiration to your outfit, gold pearl earrings, and a small gold low hanging bag to make this outfit a perfect fit for any fancy gathering.

4 Lilo

Lilo Who would've thought that you could draw fashion inspiration from a little cartoon child? Lilo's laid back style and personality make a great every day outfit that will make you feel both comfortable and gorgeous. Matching Lilo's yellow and green dress, this outfit pairs a tank top yellow dress with a green cardigan cover-up. Then just add a green and yellow long necklace and wedge heeled sandals and you have the perfect outfit to wear as a costume.

5 Pocahontas

Pocahontas If you're looking for a Disney inspired bohemian outfit, Pocahontas is definitely the girl to draw inspiration from. The key to this outfit is to find a "flowy" neutral colored dress and brown wedge heeled shoes with fringe! Then pair those two with a bunch of turquoise and feather accessories! You'll be amazed at how well turquoise and browns go together in an outfit.

6 Ariel from "the Little Mermaid"

Ariel from "the Little Mermaid" If you want a girlier looking Disney inspired look like the Tinkerbell costume then look to Ariel. This outfit's short but casual blue and black dress with black flats is the perfect outfit to wear! Of course with Ariel being from the sea, the outfit draws inspiration from blue colors and even has a gold crab necklace! This outfit is youthful looking and has a calming effect due to so much blue! Definitely a great pick.

7 Kevin from "up"

Kevin from "up" Despite not being able to talk, Kevin has a very strong personality that matches her strong appearance. If you feel like you relate well to Kevin, then this outfit is definitely for you. Being a tropical bird, Kevin has a variety of bright colors that this outfit reflects. The colorful "loud" appearance of the dress is toned down when matched with a solid colored cardigan and black fashion belt. Of course the earrings incorporate feathers into the outfit because Kevin is a bird and match the purple pumps nicely.

8 Snow White

Snow White Holy bright color madness! Snow White is all about wearing red, blue, and yellow, so fashion inspiration from her is not for those who hate wearing bright colors. Find a silky royal blue dress with a bow around the waist then pair it with bright red pumps and a bright yellow clutch. Make sure to add the bright red apple earrings to add an extra touch of Snow White to your outfit.

9 Sully from "Monsters Inc."

Sully from "Monsters Inc." Definitely didn't think you'd find Disney outfit inspiration from a monster right? Well I LOVE Sully's blue and purple fur coat! That's why this outfit is perfect and had to be a part of the list. All you need to do is pair a comfortable and casual light blue dress with light purple shoes, clutch, and purple diamond earrings and you're ready to go!

A true fashionista can draw inspiration from anything! Disney inspired outfits that double as costume are great for showing off a brightly colored look with tons of character without looking babyish! What Disney character would you most like to draw inspiration from? I personally love the Tinkerbell costume and think I might try to whip something like it together this year!

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