Donna Leah Designs: 6 Reasons to Obsess over Her Loungewear Inspired by Evening Gowns ...

Designer Donna Leah was born in New York into a loving yet socially conservative household where she spent many hours of her youth dreaming and drawing the types of clothing that she wanted to have – edgy designs with bold colors and metallics that captured light.

In late 2018, Donna Leah Designs was launched in Miami, Florida with a collection of evening gowns featuring designs that feel powerful, yet feminine, with rich hues and dynamic textures.

Now that people are spending more time at home, the designer has launched a line of loungewear inspired by her gowns. Here are six reasons why you need Donna Leah's fabulous loungewear pieces inspired by evening gowns in your life right now and don't forget to check out Donna Leah Designs new website!


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Getting dressed in what we love is a great way to start the day with a positive vibe. β€œI’ve always felt that eveningwear shouldn’t be just for special occasions. Wearing metallics and clothing that shines gives me energy and makes me feel glamorous. It’s too special to not enjoy it from the moment we start our day! Since we are spending more time at home, I wanted to create a line of loungewear that incorporates my love of dressing for myself with metallics in bright shades of blues, pinks, and purples.”

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