8 Easy Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly ...

Sure, you’re on your fourth week of dieting, and it’s going great, but you have a date next weekend and you’re wondering how to look slimmer than you actually are… just for now. You’ve torn your closet apart and you don’t like how you look in anything… how to look slimmer, temporarily, to get you through the weekend — and date night — and back to your diet? I can help. I’ve scoured countless fashion mags (thank you, Cosmo!) and gotten loads of advice from my own fashion guru, my mother. Here are 8 easy ways to look slimmer, instantly.

1. Wear Clothes That Fit

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If you want to look slimmer, it’s important to wear clothes that fit properly. Even the skinniest girl can look like she has muffin top if her jeans are too tight. You’ll look so much slimmer, and sexier, if you’re wearing a perfect size 10, than a too-small, too-tight, muffin-top inducing size 6 or 8.

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