8 Easy Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly ...


8 Easy Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly ...
8 Easy Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly ...

Sure, you’re on your fourth week of dieting, and it’s going great, but you have a date next weekend and you’re wondering how to look slimmer than you actually are… just for now. You’ve torn your closet apart and you don’t like how you look in anything… how to look slimmer, temporarily, to get you through the weekend — and date night — and back to your diet? I can help. I’ve scoured countless fashion mags (thank you, Cosmo!) and gotten loads of advice from my own fashion guru, my mother. Here are 8 easy ways to look slimmer, instantly.

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Wear Clothes That Fit

Wear Clothes That Fit If you want to look slimmer, it’s important to wear clothes that fit properly. Even the skinniest girl can look like she has muffin top if her jeans are too tight. You’ll look so much slimmer, and sexier, if you’re wearing a perfect size 10, than a too-small, too-tight, muffin-top inducing size 6 or 8.


Avoid Horizontal Stripes

Avoid Horizontal Stripes Horizontal stripes will make you look wider, so if you must wear them, keep them on top, to enhance your bust. I know it’s hard to resist those cute nautical-inspired shorts, but really, keep the horizontal stripes to a minimum.


Know Where the Belt Goes!

Know Where the Belt Goes! Listen up, ladies. A belt on your outfit goes around your skinniest part. There. I said it. So do not, ever, ever, wear a belt anywhere else. You may think it looks cute, but it just makes you look chunky and odd and ill-proportioned. Why would you need a belt under your boobs anyway?


Wear a Wide Belt

Wear a Wide Belt Now that you know where to wear a belt, also know that if you want to look slimmer, wear a wide belt. Skinny belts are cute, too, if worn properly, but a wide belt draws the eye and nips your waist. I especially like a wide belt with a shirt-dress...


Wear Dark Colors

Wear Dark Colors Black is a slimming color, so if you want to look slimmer, wear black… or at least dark colors. The corollary is also true: if you want to enhance an area, wear a light color. So, if you want to look smaller on bottom, but bigger on top, wear black pants and a white top.


Avoid Large Prints

Avoid Large Prints Romantic floral prints and exotic tropicals are very on-trend this season, but if you want to look slimmer, avoid wearing any print that’s larger than your palm. Why? Because large prints can make you look larger… especially if they’re on a light background.


Wear Heels

Wear Heels This is one of my favorite ways to look slimmer… and taller! Wearing heels rather than flats helps stretch your silhouette, and it also makes you stand up straighter, which is a double-bonus… according to Cosmo, wearing heels will also make your calves look more toned, and push your tushie up!


Stand up Straight!

Stand up Straight! Standing up straight and tall, rather than hunching over, will help you look slimmer instantly! First of all, it makes you look more confident. Second, it helps lengthen your line, and reduces that middle bungle we tend to want to hunch over to hide. Good posture is simple: keep your core tight, shoulders back, and chin forward. You’ll find it’s even easier to breathe when you’re sitting (or standing) up straight!

With so many ways to look slimmer, maybe you won’t have to go back on that diet on Monday… maybe you didn’t need to lose weight at all! Which of these tips do you find most helpful, and why? Or do you have another tried-and-true tip for looking slimmer? Please share!

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