18 Easy Ways to Change Your Look ...


18 Easy Ways to Change Your Look ...
18 Easy Ways to Change Your Look ...

With the end of summer on the horizon, you fashion forward gals are probably looking for a few ways to change your look. Whether you’re preparing for another school year or just scored your dream gig, these 18 tips will help you express yourself in entirely new ways –without breaking the bank. Get ready to turn heads for all the right reasons!

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Start with the Basics

Start with the Basics Instead of picking up every patterned piece you lay eyes on, it’s best to start off with a few key neutral items. For example, blue jeans, a black blazer, and white tees are closet staples. With the right accessories, you’ll be making more than a few style statements in no time.


Pick up the Pieces as You Go

Pick up the Pieces as You Go A difficult yet super effective way to change your look is to limit yourself to buying one or two trendy items at a time. Just because you’re looking for that major pop of color right now doesn’t mean you’ll be craving the same pieces in a few months. Since trends seem to change at the blink of an eye, avoid getting too caught up on what’s being featured in this month’s issue of your favorite glossy.


Donate Your Duds

Donate Your Duds An often overlooked (yet vital) way to change your look is to get rid of everything you haven’t worn in ages. My personal rule: if it hasn’t been worn in six months or more, it’s a goner. After you bag up those castaways, do a quick Google search; major retailers sometimes offer discounts when you donate your old stuff in-store. Who knew giving could be so rewarding?


Invest in Funky Accessories

Invest in Funky Accessories One simple way to change your look is to start off small. Accessories like bracelets, brooches, and hats are typically inexpensive yet eye-catching. Since I tend to favor classic cuts and solid colors, I let loose when it comes to the trimmings. Think neon brights, animals prints, and tribal patterns –(almost) nothing is off limits!


Cut Your Hair

Cut Your Hair And I don’t just mean a quick trim. If you’ve always wanted to tame your tresses, schedule that salon appointment. But before you hit the chair, I’d advise you to try your new ‘do before you buy! I’m a big fan of this celebrity hairstyle tool over at instyle.com, where you can upload your photo and see how you’d look with the locks of famous ladies. Are you ready for your close-up?


Dye It

Dye It A major way to change your look is to dye your hair. We’ve all daydreamed about rocking a fabulous new hue, so why not buy that bottle of hair dye? If you’re feeling apprehensive, go a shade or two lighter or darker for a toned down (but still fabulous!) look.


Host a Clothing Swap

Host a Clothing Swap Get your gal pals together and order some pizza, ‘cause it’s going to be a long night. A clothing swap is simply another term for “fresh new wardrobe”. Your friends and you can swap your old (yet still perfectly wearable) clothing and accessories with each other. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Hit Your Local Thrift Store

Hit Your Local Thrift Store Another way to change your look without spending tons of your hard earned cash is to scour the thrift store racks for chic finds. You’ll need to set aside about an hour to really dig through all that stuff to find the goods your closet needs. But once you get your hands on that perfect handbag/scarf/blazer, it becomes totally worth it!



DIY It Do it yourself (DIY) projects can take your wardrobe from drab to fab –especially if you have tons of ideas up your sleeve. DIY works best when you have your besties by your side to tell you whether or not that third button is really necessary. Your classmates will be wondering how you got those amazing new pieces, but my lips are sealed!


Resist the Urge to Splurge

Resist the Urge to Splurge A key way to change your look is to stop dropping so much cash on one trend. Think of it this way: if you spend your paycheck on all things animal print, you won’t be able to buy that neon bag you’ve had your eyes on. I know resisting is hard, but if I can do it, I have faith in all of you.


Stop Trying Too Hard

Stop Trying Too Hard You know you’ve overdone it when you’re trotting down the street in every trend under the sun. So, stick to mixing one or two hot styles and keeping the rest simple. Your future self (and photo albums) will thank you.


Refresh Your Makeup Stash

Refresh Your Makeup Stash If you’re looking for a way to change your look almost instantly, a Sephora trip is in order. A new eye shadow palette, lash-lengthening mascara, bronzer, and gloss can make you the center of attention… tomorrow morning. You’ll look –and feel– like a brand new you after a few swipes.


Borrow from the past

Borrow from the past That revolutionary look may have been waiting for you for the past few decades! So, go ahead and watch a few classic Audrey Hepburn movies and re-read "The Great Gatsby". Personally, I’m a huge fan of Grace Kelly’s elegant fashion sense – you can usually find me stalking the Pinterest boards inspired by her style. Maybe I’ll see you there?


Stock up on Scarves

Stock up on Scarves When it comes to ways to change your look, it doesn’t get much easier than scarves. I use scarves to spruce up my outfits in a more traditional sense (as in, around my neck!) but they can also be used as headpieces. Or, tie one around an old bag to make it look trendy and fresh. If you can dream it, you can do it!


Work Wonders with Wedges

Work Wonders with Wedges If you aim to look taller, leaner, and more fashion forward, wedges are the way to go. They’ll lengthen your legs and come in an endless variety of patterns and heights. And they’re so much more comfy than your traditional pumps. Score!


Spray on a New Scent

Spray on a New Scent Ladies, it’s great to keep the focus on your clothing and accessories. After all, they’ll be the center of attention. But let me warn you: if you strut out smelling like yesterday’s dirty laundry, all that effort will have been for nothing. So, set aside some time to shop for a brand new scent – with your BFF, of course!


Pay Attention to Cuts and Colors

Pay Attention to Cuts and Colors An often overlooked way to change your look is to simply pay attention to clothing cuts and colors. As a gal who likes to stay pretty in pink, it can be difficult for me to pick up something nearly identical to a piece I already own. The same goes for clothing cuts: if you favor V-neck tees, be wary of adding yet another one to your dresser drawer. The devil’s in the details!


Redesign Your Space

Redesign Your Space Whether it’s your bedroom or desk at the office, it’s time to get creative. I hung a bulletin board with my inspirations on the wall behind my work computer to get the juices flowing. From a fresh paint job to a collage on your locker, decking out your space will keep the momentum going.

These are a few tried and true ways to change your look. Which tips will you use to create the new you? Do you have some of your own advice to share?

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I'm a huge believer in rule #3!!!! It keeps the closet clean and I feel good donating clothes to those who need it more than me

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