7 Everyday Fashion Blunder Fixes All Girls Should Know ...


7 Everyday Fashion Blunder Fixes All Girls Should Know ...
7 Everyday Fashion Blunder Fixes All Girls Should Know ...

No matter how much you try to stay on trends and in style there's probably been at least one time where you've accidently treaded into the fashion faux pas zone! If you know this to be true, keep reading for quick and easy solutions to common fashion mistakes made by even the best of us! 😃 ✌️

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Jewellery Overkill 💍

I've said it before and I'll said it again - be aware of how much jewellery you're wearing before you leave the house! Solution? Choose one piece to make the ultimate statement by letting it speak for itself and don't be tempted to slide on more! It's really as simple as that!


Too Much Animal Print 🐾

You might love your leopard print coat, your zebra print heels and your cheetah print mini dress but this doesn't mean you need to show them all off at once in one outfit! The easiest solution is choose one animal print piece and let the rest of the outfit be of fairly neutral colours so that it really pops and stands out!


Imbalance of Makeup and Outfit 💄

It pays to check your makeup to outfit ratio! A good rule of thumb is if there's a lot going on in your outfit, tone down your makeup to a fairly natural look. Alternatively, if your outfit is already toned down and mainly subtle and simple, you can afford to wear a little more makeup such as a classic red lip or a gorgeous smoky eye.


Trying Too Many Trends 😱

For all the women out there who get super excited about trying new trends, I can totally understand how tempting it might be to try heaps at once! But remember that you don't want to look like you're trying too hard, so it's best to choose one trend you want to try per outfit to make a much better impression!


Accessories Overload 👛

This has the similar rule for wearing too many pieces of jewellery. You want to make an impression and an impact when you leave the house, right? Well, you have way more chance of doing this if you remember to tone it down and don't fall into the trap of over-accessorising!


Ill Fitting Clothes 👗

No matter how much you love a pair of pants please don't wear them unless you know 100% that they fit you correctly. Likewise, if you buy anything online and there's an issue with the fit, do take the time to get it tailored or do it yourself at home if you're good with the old sewing machine!


Too Formal for Day Wear 👠

You have to admit that wearing an evening inspired look during the day is a little bit strange! Get around this by finding ways to make even your most formal or evening clothes just a little bit more casual. This could be something as simple as adding a pair of sneakers or sandals to one of your favourite evening dresses, provided they're a good match of course!

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