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When it comes to choosing daily eye wear it is important to keep in mind that there are specific eyeglasses frames for different face shapes, which can bring out the best in your appearance. If you need glasses in order to see on an everyday basis, it’s important to pick flattering frames that work best for you. Before you go to your optician, determine your face shape and keep in mind the different eyeglasses frames for different face shapes before you make your final decision.

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Diamond If you have a diamond shape with broad cheekbones and narrow face at the eye line and jawline, consider yourself lucky because this is the most rare face shape! Of all the eyeglasses frames for different face shapes, daring cat-eye shapes, frames with distinctive brow lines or even rimless ones flatter the diamond face shape the most. These types of frames will soften your cheekbones and define your eyes!



Oblong You have an oblong face if it is longer than it is wider with straight cheek line and longish nose. So in order to balance your face shape, I would recommend that you go with eyeglasses that have more depth, to add more width to your face. Oblong faces usually look best with round or curved frames with upper and lower rims of the frame equal in shape.



Oval An oval face has balanced features and chin slightly narrower than the forehead. With an oval face shape, you can have the most fun picking out your eyewear because essentially any type of frame will look flattering! Oval face shapes are considered to be ideal due to their proportionality, so you are not restricted to specific types of eyewear. Round, rectangular, cat-eye, you can have it all!



Square A square face has the same width and length with a strong jawline and a broad forehead. In order to soften the angles and make your face appear a little longer, try to go for frames that are have more width and depth. Any rectangular frames should suit you best!



Round A round face has no angles and same proportions throughout. In order to make a round face appear a little elongated and thinner, pick eyewear with narrow frames and a clear bridge. Keep in mind that when searching for eyeglass frames, you have to pick a pair that is opposite of your face shape.


Base-down Triangle

Base-down Triangle A base-down triangle face is defined by narrow forehead in addition to broad cheeks and chin areas. So in order to balance this face shape, it is best to try frames with accented colors and detailing on the top half of the frames. Try to keep the bottom half minimalistic and restrict the detailing to the top portion of the frames.


Base-up Triangle

Base-up Triangle Base-up triangle is the opposite of the base-down triangle face shape and usually have a very wide top third of the face in comparison to the small bottom third. In order minimize the apparent disparity between the top and bottom of your face; go for frames that are wider at the bottom. In addition stick to light colors or even rimless frames.

Choosing eyeglass frames becomes much easier when you know what you are looking for and what best suits your face shape. For every face shape out there, there are plenty of frames that will work best for you. So which types of frames work best for your face shape?

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I have a round face but narrow frames look funny on me

I have oval face, thanks this post was amazing

wow, I wonder what my face shape is. I can't really tell

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