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7 Funky Glasses Frames We Can't Wait to Own ...

By Paula

I've just purchased some new glasses after spending days browsing funky glasses frames online, so I thought I'd share my list of favorites that I came across! Here are 7 funky glasses frames that I think are kinda hot - see if you agree with me. Hopefully there is something here for everyone, from more sedate black and tortoiseshell styles to brighter hues!

1 Evergreen 6013 Dark Tortoise Aqua

Evergreen 6013 Dark Tortoise AquaThese cool frames from Lensway/Coastal are one of my favorite funky glasses frames! The dark tortoiseshell frames are accentuated bright turquoise on the rim and the insides of the arms - simply gorgeous! I ordered these last week and will be wearing them on a daily basis. The best bit is they're currently on sale so you can get them for half price - what a bargain!

2 Calvin Klein CK5727 Marble Red

Calvin Klein CK5727 Marble RedI'll admit, these are a bit '80s, but I think in this case that's a good thing! I fell in love with these frames after I saw a girl wearing them in a London bar; her overall style was amazing and the glasses really stood out to me. I love the chunky style and the color. Divine!

3 Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black Pink

Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black PinkThese slightly cat-eye glasses have a bold black frame with pink highlights. Two of my favorite colors together in one frame! I love that they're so feminine yet the bold black frame adds a touch of geek chic - they're on my wishlist and hopefully I'll be able to buy them soon!

4 Kate Spade Janetta Black Pink

Kate Spade Janetta Black PinkThese Kate Spade beauties from are so cute - pity they would cost me a fortune to order from the UK! I love the retro styling and the geeky shape of the black frames, whilst the silver Kate Spade logo and pink arms add a girlie touch. I'll keep dreaming about these ones!

5 Touch by Alyssa Milano 104 Havana Purple

Touch by Alyssa Milano 104 Havana PurpleAnother pair from the Alyssa Milano range (available at Lensway/Coastal), these again have a slight cat-eye shape, which I love! The lighter tortoiseshell frame makes them perfect for fair skin whilst the lilac arms are so pretty! These will be the next pair that I order - guaranteed!

6 Evergreen 6013 Purple Fade

Evergreen 6013 Purple FadeI own these glasses and really love them! The purple color looks great with green eyes and red hair (that's me!) but would look equally good on a brunette, maybe even a blonde! They're slightly patterned, which adds to the appeal for me. They're so comfy to wear and I like that they're geeky but great for everyday. Plus, they're made from 90% recycled materials and are on sale right now at Lensway/Coastal!

7 Boss Orange BO 0054

Boss Orange BO 0054Ok, so it's another pair of tortoiseshell glasses, but these funky frames by Boss Orange have bright purple arms! I love the slightly chunkier frame and think it would look great on girls with dark, bold features. These are the final addition to my wishlist!

What do you think of glasses? Are you into the geek chic look? What's your favorite brand or pair of frames and is it important to you to wear a designer brand? I would love to see the styles other women wear and like, so feel free to share them with me!

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