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Fab Tips to Finding the Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face ...

By Keyaani

If you’re anything like me you may be thinking what are the most flattering sunglasses for your face shape?

I’ve always wanted to try the latest sunglasses trends, from the sleek cat eye shape to angular frames and of course, the fashionable aviator sunglasses, but I’ve always been hesitant and would think would they actually suit me?

Thanks to they have come up with some useful tips on how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape. Have a look at the guidelines below to help you pick the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape and complete your overall summer look.

Table of contents:

  1. Round
  2. Oval
  3. Long
  4. Narrow
  5. Square
  6. Wide
  7. Inverted triangle
  8. Heart

1 Round

Wide ovals and sleek cat's-eye styles work to diminish fullness. Look for frame styles that are wider than they are tall and that have higher temples.
Tory Burch, $150; at

2 Oval

Almost any eyeglass shape works on this face type. Generally, however, the frames should be as wide as or slightly wider than, the broadest part of your face.
H&M, $14.99; at

3 Long

Oval glasses or ones with strong horizontal lines shorten the appearance of the face and soften its angles. Details on the arms can also help to draw the focus outwards.
Gucci, $350.88; at

4 Narrow

Go with smaller frames as oversized versions can appear bulky. Rounded lenses flatter angular features plus embellished side pieces give the illusion of a width at your temples.
BP, $12; at

5 Square

Curved shapes that are wider than they are tall will soften the angles of this face shape. Keep in mind, frames that are flat along the bottom can look boxy.
Prada, $260; at

6 Wide

Choose larger, wider frames (too small glasses can look cartoonish), and look for side pieces with spring hinges that will sit snugly on your head without squeezing it.
Quay Australia, $55; at

7 Inverted Triangle

Balance your face shape by choosing frames with an emphasis on the top-aviators or half-rim versions work best.
BP, $12; at

8 Heart

Oval, slightly rounded or butterfly shapes help soften heart-shaped faces.
Tom Ford, $415; at

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