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I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of the year for accessories. I love the jewelry because it can be chunky or dainty and it works with all of your favorite looks. Even more than that, the fun accessories you can wear as outerwear makes fall even more fun for fashion. If you love outerwear, fall is probably your favorite season for fashion too. It’s finally time for the best time of the year for fashion, so if you don’t know what accessories you’re going to wear this fall, this list will help accessorize even your most boring outfits!

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Capes I consider coats to be an accessory, and capes are easily the biggest coat and accessory trend of this fall. Dramatic pieces are so on trend this year, so obviously wearing a cape as a coat is a must. Be like Olivia Pope and Taylor Swift and wear your cape with pride! You’ll turn heads and look like you just walked off the runway!


Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves If you’re not sure you’re ready for the cape trend yet but need a gateway to help you get used to the trend, try wearing a blanket scarf. They can be folded, twisted, and tied in so many different ways to look just as dramatic as a cape, but they’re a little less dramatic than a cape, making them the perfect beginning accessory for you!


Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats I don’t understand how people can survive fall without a few good ballet flats. They’re so versatile, usually comfortable if you have a good pair, and they’re also so stylish. They’re my personal go-to shoe for fall, so if you don’t have a pair or two, I highly suggest that you stock up!


Leopard Print Anything

No matter what your accessory of choice is, whether it’s a belt, a pair of shoes, a purse, or something else entirely, leopard print is such an important trend this fall. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think that you should necessarily go all out with the leopard print. It’s not time for a Cheetah Girls reunion just yet. However, if you’re wearing it in small amounts in your accessories you’ll be styling this fall!


Plaid Accents

In the same way, plaid accents are just as big this fall. If you love plaid but aren’t comfortable wearing a lot of it just yet, start small. Wear a pair of plaid ballet flats, or maybe wear a plaid scarf. There are a lot of different plaid accessory options for the girl who’s just looking to test the waters!


Dramatic Sunglasses

Dramatic Sunglasses Sunglasses are usually a summer staple accessory, but this fall that has all changed. Sunglasses are just as hot as ever this fall. This fall, wear a pair of dramatic, geometric-shaped sunglasses. They’ll be the highlight of all of your favorite fall outfits this year!


Knit Infinity Scarves

Knit Infinity Scarves When you’re looking for something to throw on as the weather gets colder to keep you warm, opt for an infinity scarf. A chunky knit scarf will not only be extremely fashionable and will turn heads, but you’ll be just as warm as you would be with any less stylish scarf!

What are your fall accessory staples? Let me know in the comments!

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I loathe leopard and cheetah print. They always look so trashy

I love the leopard print they aren't trashy if done correctly they can be very fashionable

None of these outfits are Canadian fall appropriate lol. You'd be freezing without a thick sweater or lined coat. The blanket scarf and Cape I don't think you can rock unless you are a celebrity. In normal day life, you'd just look silly wearing a blanket around you, especially here in Canada where you have to wear nice thick jackets.

Fall is my favorite season I love everything about it! The fashion,the cool temps, and the beautiful colors.


I guess you can roll out of bed & tie the blanket around your next & your a fashionista

Like taylor swifts outfit .

I love leopard print top @Melissa. I agree it doesn't look trashy if done right.

I enjoy prints for fall but I usually just end up wearing basic dark colors on top so I don't draw attention to my broad shoulders :-/

Finally, I can bring a blanket out of bed and call it fashion.

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