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Fall is one of the times of the year when almost everyone sticks to classic pieces and includes a few new trends here and there. Because of that, it can be pretty difficult to find clothes for fall that the rest of the world doesn’t already have. If you’re looking for pieces to wear this fall that are just as unique as you are but are simply classics, look no further than these stores!

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Old Navy

Old Navy is known for its amazing staples no matter the time of the year, and fall is no different. No matter what classic pieces you’re looking for—whether you want a peacoat or a cable knit sweater—you’ll find the perfect fall pieces at Old Navy and for amazing prices.



If you have more money in your budget or you just want to invest more money into your fall wardrobe, J.Crew is the perfect place for you. J.Crew is the ultimate when it comes to fall clothes, especially classic fall pieces. No matter what pieces you’re looking for, if they’re pieces that are quintessentially fall, you’ll find them at J.Crew.



Madewell is known for its classic pieces that will not only last you multiple years, but they won’t go out of style either. Although it’s owned by J.Crew, which leads a lot of people to think that it’s essentially the same pieces at both stores, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While J.Crew tends to be a little more whimsical, Madewell is on the more rustic end. Both have classic pieces with different flares to them!



If you want to look like you just walked off the runway of the Fashion Week of your choice this fall, start with Zara. The prices aren’t exactly in your typical H&M range, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not affordable. For the quality you’re getting, these pieces are so cost-effective, and if they’re not cheap enough for you, Zara has one of the best sale sections on the Internet. Your fall wardrobe is set!



Target is a go-to for me every fall, as I’m sure it’s a go-to for most women in the fall. It’s so convenient, and the company is known for coming out with the trendiest pieces every fall. No matter your style, you’ll find the best fall pieces for the best prices at Target. If you haven’t raided your local Target for cheap fall finds yet, what are you waiting for?



ModCloth is known for its retro pieces that turn heads and classic pieces that you’ll hang on to for years to come. This year, the company has a Fall Shop that will leave you lusting for so many different pieces. The fall collection perfectly blends retro style with the biggest fall trends of the year. Believe me: you’ll want your entire fall wardrobe to come from this site!



This is a new find for me, but it’s one that is my new go-to for dressier fall pieces. I find it so difficult to dress up in the fall, but Chadwick’s just made that so much easier. If you’re looking for some business casual pieces to dress up your office attire, this is definitely the store to check out this fall!

What are your favorite fall stores to shop at? Where are you stocking up this fall? Let me know in the comments!

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Target seriously??

JC Pennies?

Definitely going to check some of these out! A few of them I haven't even heard of lol

JC Penny... I meant

In London h&m and Zara can be surprisingly good

I've loved Chadwick's for over 30 years!

Madwell, modcloth and chadwicks. Never been

H&M has soooo many cute sweaters, jackets, and tops with beauuuutiful colors for fall. They have something for every type of person

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