7 Fascinating Project Runway Designers from past Seasons ...


Project Runway designers are colorful characters, with equally colorful names like Casanova, Sweet P, and Peach. We’re invited to view meltdowns and bickering, as well as stunning announcements, like the one from Mondo Guerra in season 8, that he's HIV positive. They’re unforgettable, like Andy South, who came back for All Stars, season 3, as a woman named Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, designing under the Andy South label. Can’t quite figure that out, but hey, it’s why the Project Runway designers are fascinating people!

1. Christian Siriano – Season 4, Winner

Christian Siriano – Season 4, Winner

I’ve been watching Project Runway since its inception, and many contestants have amused me, none so much as Christian Siriano. Not only is he a fantastic designer, his name has just the right amount of panache! Hollywood A-Listers love him, and his ready-to-wear is often sold out at better department stores. Way to go Christian. You’re funny, cheeky, and definitely fierce, and my most favorite of the Project Runway designers.

Austin Scarlett – Season 1, 4th Place
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