7 Fashionable Excuses for Being Late ...

Excuses for being late are like asses, they come in every shape and size but they all stink. When it comes to a fashionable excuse however, I’d say these are the TOP 7. Nobody ever excused their way to success, but some have tried and come pretty darn close. Take note Lindsay Lohan. The following are just a few excuses for being late.


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Does it get any worse than this? The heel broke off my sky scraper stilettos, and I had nothing else that complimented my outfit. Having to put together a whole new look, first impressions are extremely important at the office. I mean come on, you never know who’s going to walk through the door. This is one of those totally plausible excuses for being late. Right?


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I got a horrible haircut, and hats just don't suit my face shape nor are they appropriate for the office. I’m going to be late, it's taking me some serious time to learn how to work with these bangs. Guess it serves me right for trying to look like Betty Paige.


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Need excuses for being late? Blame technology: Technology is no friend of mine. I’m fighting with my PVR at the moment to make sure it will record the premiere of Fashion Star. Any reasonable person would understand that this show cannot be missed; plus it's only half your fault because you've been put on hold three times by the cable guy.


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My nail polish isn't quite dry yet. It’s as simple as that. But if you must know details, I’ve put so much work into making sure each finger looked exactly like the manicures at Galliano's runway show, It would just show that I was a quitter if I gave up on it now. That’s really not what you want in an employee do you?


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Slept in? Need excuses for being late? Read on: I need some more time to sleep, making sure I get enough of my allotted beauty rest. Raccoon eyes are not acceptable, especially at the work place. Again - you never know who you're going to meet! After giving this excuse for being late, the next person I see I’d better hope is going to offer me another job.


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Stuck at the hair dresser again, she's toned my locks twice, and still we're getting orange ... I really can't go out in public looking like bozo the clown, so I’m going to tough it out until I look presentable…I figure that’s the best thing for the office and our very important customers. Right?


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Excuses for being late: I just got a run in my brand new tights... which is a serious disappointment, since I paid FAR too much for them. I’m going to be a bit delayed coming into work, having to find an alternative outfit, that’s just as cute could take some time. At this rate I may have to just take the day off. I’m sure you understand.

If anyone of you feel as though they can get away with giving any of these excuses for being late to your boss, please let me know if you are hiring. I want in. Honestly, tell me… have you used any of these excuses for being late and gotten away with it?

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