7 Fashionable Female Characters on TV Today ...

I love seeing fashionable female characters on TV today, because it inspires me to kick up my wardrobe. It also helps me invest myself in the characters. If she looks great most of the time, I definitely won’t want to miss an episode just to see what she’s wearing. Total fashion inspiration! So here are my top 7 fashionable female characters on TV today!

1. The Mindy Project- Mindy Lahiri

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I love the Mindy project because her character is loveable and so entertaining. She’s a sassy doctor, educated, hilarious… and you guessed it, fashionable! She puts together some funky things β€” and looks great doing it. It’s refreshing to see a curvy woman of color as the lead, and one of the most fashionable female characters on TV today to boot!

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