8 Fashionable Ways to Wear Tweed ...


8 Fashionable Ways to Wear Tweed ...
8 Fashionable Ways to Wear Tweed ...

How To Wear Tweed is something that will help you out this coming fall/winter season. Now is the perfect time to incorporate tweed fabrics into your wardrobe. If you already have a few timeless tweed pieces in your wardrobe, when it comes to how to wear tweed, it’s as simple as updating them with new trend-based pieces. There are also a range of contemporary tweed garments available this season. Below are just a few tips on how to wear tweed this season.

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A tweed jacket or skirt is timeless. They are great for making up a corporate wardrobe. A tweed pencil skirt is a great thing to have in your wardrobe - simply team it with a silk blouse and patent pumps. When styling a tweed jacket, team it with tailored trousers and ballet flats. The key with these timeless tweed pieces is to ensure that the garments are tailored and well fitted.


Dressed down

Tweed can be very dressy, so a great way to play it down is by mixing it up with funky trend-based accessories. Flecked black tweed provides a great background for colourful neon accessories. Neon is not only an on-trend choice, but adds a playful touch to a tweed-based outfit.



Tweed shorts and mini skirts are a youthful way to wear this fabric. Choose tailored garments that are loosely fitted. High waisted designs are also a good choice. Tweed shorts and skirts make great transitional pieces, and when it gets too cold for bare legs you can easily wear them with stockings or tights.



The cropped tweed jacket was made famous by Chanel. It is an iconic piece that will add ladylike glamour to your wardrobe. The key tip for how to wear tweed in this manner is to make sure that the jacket is closely fitted. Team it with silk tank top and high waisted pencil skirt.



A tweed cape is a great alternative to the classic cropped jacket. The look is great for pulling off a vintage-inspired outfit. If you are wondering how to wear tweed this way, simply team a cape with a full skirt, patent loafers, and elbow length leather gloves.



Tweed bags are a chic take on the trend. A range of designer labels have tweed versions of their top selling bags. For a ladylike look, team a tweed bag with a silk or chiffon blouse and high waisted jeans.


In Your Hair

Add touches of tweed to your outfit in the form of a headband or hair clips. The look is very Upper-East-Side chic. Choose wider headbands and hair clips in basic shapes. This is one of the most subtle ways to incorporate tweed into your outfit.



Keep an eye out for colourful tweed pieces. They are an interesting alternative to common black and neutral tweed fabrics. Colourful tweed fabrics are also great for wearing on a casual basis, and during the warmer months.

There are a range of tips on how to wear tweed. One of the key tips for wearing tweed is to not wear too much of the fabric at once. Keep it to one piece of tweed at a time, and dress it up or down accordingly. What are your best tips on how to wear tweed this season?

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this is a cool post because i don't wear a lot of tweed although i'd like to get more into it.

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