9 Fabulously Chic Tips on How to Wear Faux Fur ...


9 Fabulously Chic Tips on How to Wear Faux Fur ...
9 Fabulously Chic Tips on How to Wear Faux Fur ...

How to Wear Faux Fur is a question that will be on everyone’s lips this season. Whether you like it or not, faux fur is somewhat of a winter staple. With the northern hemisphere winter fast approaching, many fashion conscious women will no doubt be wondering how to wear faux fur this season. Take a look at a few tips on how to wear faux fur below.

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Leopard Print

When looking at how to wear faux fur, you can’t go past the leopard print coat. Many high street stores have carried a leopard print design at one stage or another. Wear a leopard print coat with a vintage inspired dress, opaque tights, and Chelsea boots for an on-trend look.


Cropped Jackets

Cropped faux fur jackets are great for teaming with high waisted skirts and pants. A close fitting cropped jacket also looks stylish when incorporated into a slick, streamlined outfit. Wear a cropped faux fur jacket with leather look pants, a silk t-shirt, and statement jewellery for a chic nighttime look.


Long and Shaggy

Make like a rock star and wear a shaggy faux fur coat this winter. Shaggy faux fur coats are also ideal for pulling together a bohemian inspired outfit. Team them with knee high boots, a floaty embroidered dress, and assorted crystal jewellery.



Channel your inner Olsen twin and wear an oversized faux fur coat. Not only will this look stylish, but it should keep you toast warm as well. The key to how to wear faux fur this way is to keep the rest of your outfit fairly streamlined. Strike the right balance and wear an oversized coat with skinny jeans or cigarette pants.



A faux fur vest is ideal for slowing bringing fur into your wardrobe. A zip-through vest will also allow you to wear it open or closed. Create a hippie-luxe look and team a faux fur vest with a chiffon dress, or go for something a bit more model-off-duty and team it with a long sleeved t-shirt, skinny jeans, and ankle boots.



A multicoloured faux fur vest is an on-trend choice. This is a great way of incorporating some colour into a fairly neutral outfit. Take inspiration from the Isabel Marant fur jackets that were a popular choice with models and celebrities alike last season.


Scarves and Stoles

If a coat or vest is too much fur for you to handle, try a faux fur scarf or stole. Worn draped over the shoulders, this is an easy way of adding fur accents to your look. Create a textural contrast and wear a faux fur stole over a distressed leather jacket, or maybe even a heavy wool coat.


Bag Charms

Accessories are a great way of easing the faux fur trend into your wardrobe. A faux fur foxtail charm can easily be added to your everyday handbag. This is one such way to update your look.


Ear Muffs

When it comes to how to wear faux fur, functionality is a big factor. While you want to look good in winter, you also want to be kept warm. A pair of faux fur ear muffs is one such way to beat the cold. Keep it chic and choose earmuffs in neutral colours such as black and cream.

From the faux fur jacket to faux fur bag charms, there are a range of ways to incorporate faux fur into your outfit. When looking at how to wear faux fur, keep it to one fur accent per outfit. What are your best tips for how to wear faux fur this season?

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