7 Favorite Fitness Brands for Looking Good While Working out ...


7 Favorite Fitness Brands for Looking Good While Working out ...
7 Favorite Fitness Brands for Looking Good While Working out ...

Every time I go shopping, no matter what I’m supposed to be shopping for, I always end up scoping out each store, searching for my favorite fitness brands. Does this store have Lucy, or Adidas, or Zaggora? Does that store carry Life is Good, or Under Armour? You’d think with as much running gear as I have, I’d be satisfied, but I’m always hunting out the latest, greatest, and – I must confess it here – most stylish fitness brands. What? I can be a fashionista and a fitness freak… and so can you! Here’s a short list of my favorite fitness brands, all of them currently occupying my top dresser drawer, ready for a run.

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Zaggora Favorite Product: Fold-Over HotPants Capris

I’d seen Zaggora advertised for months before I tried on my first pair, and now I’m a complete convert. I won’t wear anything else, and now Zaggora is at the tip-top of the list of my favorite fitness brands! They feel good and – this may sound shallow, but here goes – whoa mama, do they look good! And there’s more – these HotPants actually harness your body heat to help you burn more calories during your workout. I’m not kidding – they’re amazing!



Lucy Favorite Product: Sexy Sweat Half-Zip

While the brand does tend to run a little big – I’m an extra small at 5’7” and 120 pounds – I love their gear, especially for layering up in cold weather! Wear this over a long-sleeved tee, slip on your running gloves, headband, socks, and Zaggora pants, and you’re good to go in ten below.



Brooks Favorite Product: Equilibrium Long-Sleeved Top

I am completely loyal to Brooks running shoes – I won’t wear anything else – but until recently, I didn’t know they made fitness wear, too… and I love it! It’s comfortable and stylish, and it’s not terribly expensive, either. My favorite product from their line, aside from their Glycerin shoe, is their long-sleeved tops. They have thumb holes and they’re super-airy and breathable, the best of both worlds for cool-weather running.


Life is Good

Life is Good Favorite Product: Graphic Tees

Okay, so back in the day, I hated the Life Is Good women’s tees. They were shapeless and oversized and only good for wearing with Mom jeans and Birkenstocks. But these days, the messages are cheerful and bright and the tees are made to show off your feminine curves. I love wearing their running-inspired tees on the days when I have to push myself to get started and keep going.


Under Armour

Under Armour Favorite Product: Anything, absolutely ANYTHING

I adore almost every single item in the Under Armour fitness lineup. Their cold-weather gear, in particular, can’t be beat. I love their tees, too, even in warm weather, and this one is extra spiffy – RUN. The message is simple and clear and the tee is designed with womanly curves in mind. I found this one at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but I’ve seen other tees at other fitness shops, too.



Adidas Favorite Product: Running shorts

I love Adidas running shorts! The rest of their line is only so-so (their tees are boxy and uncomfortable and their shoes offer little in the way of support) but wow, their shorts are the best! They’re comfortable, even on long runs. And they fit well, so you won’t be tugging them up or down when you’re trying to run.



Marika Favorite Product: Everything!

Most of the clothes in my running wardrobe are by Marika, simply because they’re so inexpensive, there’s no guilt in buying yet another tee, tank, skirt, or bra. And speaking of bras, the ones Marika makes are my favorites. They come in a range of sizes and styles to suit girls of all shapes and sizes. I love their brightly colored tops and tanks, and again, their sports bras are fab, too!

See what I mean? All of these fitness brands are made for girls who are serious about working out, and looking great while doing it. Sweaty and sexy can exist in the same sentence, especially when you’re wearing the right workout gear. Which of these brands is your favorite? Or is there another one I need to add to my list?

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Lululemon or the incredible australian brand, lorna jane.



I have only heard of 3 of these brands... Like if u agree


I like the under armour shirt.

I agree about lululemon

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