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Girls Guide to Packing Her Fashion Essentials like a Pro ...

By Lucy

We've all experienced that feeling when you need to pack but you're struggling for room as you try to squeeze in all your fashion essentials! 🕶 👒 👛 Keep reading for your personal guide on how to always pack like a pro! 👙 👠 👢👗

1 Bras

clothing, outerwear, undergarment, photo shoot, neck, It's no surprise that scrunching multiple bras up is going to ruin their shape as they get crammed up against everything else you're packing, so the best way to maintain their shape and create more space is to simply stack all the ones you want to take on top of each other before folding them in half in a neat pile! They should now take up half as much room as they would have if you had left them all lying flat.

2 Underwear

hair, clothing, brassiere, undergarment, lingerie, Underwear is probably the thing you need to take most of so it's imperative that they don't take up too much room in your suitcase! Simply tuck each pair inside the cups of the bras that you've previously stacked, which will save room but also keep them hidden from view so you don't have to worry about anyone else seeing your stash!

3 Small Hair Accessories

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, Of course you'll need lots of hair accessories on your trip such as hair clips, hair ties and bobby pins. All of these things are notorious for going missing right when you need one, right? Not anymore! Keep these small accessories all together in a small, empty container such as a Tic Tac box so you'll never lose track of them again!

4 Small Jewellery Pieces

hair, clothing, active undergarment, hairstyle, arm, Every girl needs somewhere to store her smaller jewellery items such as rings and earrings when she goes away, but where can you put them where they won't get lost or fall out? An old lip balm container, of course! These are the perfect solution for storing all your favourite small jewellery pieces as well as always knowing where they are when you need them!

5 Socks, Leggings and Stockings

clothing, footwear, leather, outerwear, jacket, Save a heap of room in your suitcase by tucking your socks inside each other as well as folding your leggings and stockings. Then tuck these inside any pairs of shoes you're taking and aim to put in a couple of pairs per shoe, depending on how many you have to pack. Long boots are particularly good for holding these as you can store them in the sole as well as all the way the legs!

6 Coats and Jackets

clothing, footwear, outerwear, denim, spring, Coats and jackets are notorious for easily taking up the most room in a suitcase due to the bulkiness, which is why these should go in first before anything else (the biggest items should always go on the bottom)! Fold your jackets and coats into neat, square piles as best you can and put them into each corner of the suitcase as it should quite easily fit into this space.

7 Other Clothing Essentials

human action, person, clothing, woman, pink, You'll probably also have a variety of tops, shorts, skirts and dresses that you want to take so the easiest solution is to roll each one as much as it will go and line them up neatly inside your suitcase. Sometimes they'll want to unravel so it might pay to have a few hair ties or rubber bands handy so you can maintain their small shape and hence save room everything else!

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