Amazing Fashion Tips for Girls Who Want to Go from Plain Jane to Movie Star ...

By Alison

Amazing Fashion Tips for Girls Who Want to Go from Plain Jane to Movie Star ...

Do you look at magazines and think "We could all look like a movie star - if we had their money … and a stylist … and access to designer closets!" Well, just because you don't have any of those things it doesn't mean that you can't be stylish. Any girl can dress like a movie star just by following these tips …

1 Have Your Clothes Tailored to Fit

When you see movie stars in their designer dresses, they aren't wearing standard sizes; the dress has been altered to fit. And this is one of the secrets of truly stylish women - they have their clothes tailored to fit. Even a relatively cheap garment can be made to look more expensive if it fits properly.

2 Buy Expensive Garments Second Hand

The opportunity to buy second-hand is a brilliant resource if you want to dress well without spending the big bucks on the original price labels. Look for dress agencies in your town, or shop online; there are plenty of sites selling 'gently-used' clothes. This will give you access to well-cut clothes in expensive fabrics that will make you look like a million dollars every time you go out.

Discover the mystique and charm of historical garments with our carefully curated inspiration from the medieval era. If you're seeking authenticity for a theme party or costume event, here are some truly renaissance outfit ideas that will transport you back in time. Evoke the spirit of grand festivities with fashion that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship. Embrace a different period, dress up and have fun!

3 Change the Buttons on Your Clothes

Want to make a garment look more expensive? It's all in the details. You might not pay much attention to the buttons on your clothes, but cheap buttons really drag them down. Swap for some more expensive ones, and you've instantly made the whole garment look more costly.

4 Always Be Perfectly Groomed

Movie stars need to look immaculate, so pay attention to every part of your outfit. Loose threads and pet hair on your outfit does not a movie goddess make. You need to make sure that you're smart and polished, with tidy nails and hair. Also keep your shoes polished and get them repaired as soon as they start to show signs of wear.

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5 Movie Star Hair & Makeup

Even if you don't have a makeup artist standing by, you can still get movie star hair and makeup. Styles like loose waves or a smooth ponytail are achievable by anyone with a little practice. You want a smart, styled look, which starts with a good cut. Also make sure your makeup is classic and immaculate.

6 Look for Classic Styles, Rather than Trends

Movie stars are sometimes seen in the latest trends, but more often wear a smart, classic look. If you want to steal some of their style, avoid trends, as it will make it all too clear that you're influenced by famous people. Look for classic styles instead, which will allow you to borrow their look without it being so obvious.

7 Banish Casual Clothes, Always Dress up

No movie star wants to be seen wearing yoga pants or a worn-out t-shirt (although they still look great if they are!). So banish the casual clothes from your wardrobe and swap them for more dressy styles. You don't have to dress casually just because you're 'off-duty'; smarter clothes will make you feel more like the stars.

While we all feel like a dress-down day sometimes, dressing like a movie star will make you feel good about yourself. And it need not be as expensive as you might think; with careful choices even those on a budget can give the impression of having spent a lot more …

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I'm way too lazy for any of this.

My only comment is to put your post through a grammar check first. I saw many mistakes that could easily have been avoided.

I dont why ppl so crazy about brand names I mean if u can afgord it great , it doesnt worth to buy the second hand cloths.

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