10 Gorgeous DIY Anchor Accessories ...

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10 Gorgeous DIY Anchor Accessories ...

DIY Anchor Accessories are here to complete your summer nautical style. From jewelries to things that you can wear or help you carry other things, we have here fun DIY anchor projects that will surely delight you. FYI, these** anchor style crafts** will probably require you to take a trip to the craft store. That's not a problem, though, I think. There are no better shopping trips than the ones to the craft store.

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1 Stamped Shirt

Stamped Shirt These stamped anchor prints are on an shirt that has been refashioned into a slouchy tank top. I love this DIY idea because you get to learn how to make stamps. Aside from the shirt, you will also need sticky foam sheets, a block of wood, and paint. Design variation: stamp anchors on a skirt, a pair of shorts, or a dress.


2 Striped Pin

Striped Pin How cute is this DIY anchor accessory? You can make this by painting red stripes on a wooden anchor and gluing a pin to the back. Easy! I bet these will make great gifts or party giveaways. Or stocking fillers come December.


Taking inspiration from Mother Nature, intricate and colourful 'flower tattoos' can be a wonderful addition to enhance your style. They symbolize fragility, love, and growth. Explore this great collection at flower tattoos, each design being a beautiful and unique expression of femininity. Embrace this art form on your skin and bloom with grace and beauty!

3 Painted Shoes

Painted Shoes The pair above were customized by one artsy Etsy seller. You can take inspiration from her products for making your very own pair of anchor shoes.


4 Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace How pretty is this? To make this gorgeous necklace, you will need several strands of faux pearls and chains. You will also need an anchor charm and two wheel ones. Check out the link to know how to assemble the whole thing.

Tutorial (in German)

5 Bracelet

Bracelet This is probably one of the more popular DIY anchor accessories out there. To make your bracelet, you will need a pretty anchor charm, a jump ring, and a chain in a color that matches the anchor.


6 Hair Pin

Hair Pin This is an Etsy product as well but it's really very easy to DIY. In fact, you will only need to glue the materials together to make a hairpin as pretty as this. Design variation: attach the bow and anchor charm to a headband.


7 Buttoned Bag

Buttoned Bag Here is a way to make a beach bag that is all sorts of pretty and nautical. To make your anchor design stand out, you will want to use buttons in monochromatic colors. And if you happen to buy more buttons than you needed for this project, you can simply sew them to a dress or a plain shirt.

Tutorial (in French)

8 Anchor Canvas Tote


Here we have another beach bag idea with an anchor design. Isn't it cute? I love the rope bows! The link below leads to a YouTube video.


9 Shell Pendant

Shell Pendant Anchor, pearls, and a shell? Can't be more nautical than that! To make this lovely pendant, you spray paint the shell, glue the pearls following an anchor shape, and then hang to a chain.


10 Phone Case

Phone Case Because yes, a phone case can also complete your outfit. For this particular anchor DIY project, you will need a clear phone case, glitters in fun colors, painters tape, and clear nail polish.


Aren't these DIY anchor accessories adorable? If you find yourself making a new addition to your wardrobe from these** DIY anchor crafts**, let us know. We'd love to admire what you make.

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