10 Gorgeous DIY Anchor Accessories ...

DIY Anchor Accessories are here to complete your summer nautical style. From jewelries to things that you can wear or help you carry other things, we have here fun DIY anchor projects that will surely delight you. FYI, these** anchor style crafts** will probably require you to take a trip to the craft store. That's not a problem, though, I think. There are no better shopping trips than the ones to the craft store.

1. Stamped Shirt

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These stamped anchor prints are on an shirt that has been refashioned into a slouchy tank top. I love this DIY idea because you get to learn how to make stamps. Aside from the shirt, you will also need sticky foam sheets, a block of wood, and paint. Design variation: stamp anchors on a skirt, a pair of shorts, or a dress.


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