7 Hot Trends Every Girl Can Pull off This Fall ...

Every girl has her fall staples. Whether yours are plaid and scarves or ripped denim and graphic tees, you probably tend to follow a fall wardrobe uniform. I know personally that I do. This fall, though, there are so many trends that are taking over the fall fashion universe that it’s tough not to get caught up in some of them. If you’re looking for fall fashion trends you just can’t ignore, this is the list for you! It’s sure to provide you with a ton of fall style inspiration!

1. The 1970s

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It seems like every season ushers in another decade for style, and this season is no different. This fall, the 1970s are a huge trend that is coming back this year. If you love the style of the 1970s, you’re in for a great treat this fall, because all of the 1970s fashion is back. If you love the earthy tones and different textures that embodied 1970s fashion, you’ll be so fashionable this fall!

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