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How Can You Incorporate Zodiac Signs into Your Style ...

By Teresa

If you’re someone who is obsessed with zodiac signs and astrology, you probably really love incorporating it into your everyday life. You’re definitely not someone who just flips to the back of a magazine to read your horoscope. You’re someone who gets the emails sent to your phone every day so you can be sure what kind of day you’re going to have today. If that sounds like you, why not incorporate your zodiac sign into your wardrobe? If you’re proud of your zodiac sign and want to wear it proudly, try wearing these pieces and trying out these ideas the next time you want to wear your zodiac sign and incorporate it into your wardrobe!

1 Search Etsy

Etsy is the mecca of cute clothes, trinkets, and accessories on the Internet, so if you’re looking to wear your zodiac sign on your sleeve (literally!) then Etsy is the place to find the cutest interpretations of your zodiac sign. Simply search your sign and you’ll be met with an insane amount of cute accessories and trinkets for your zodiac sign! Etsy is definitely one of the easiest places to find zodiac accessories you’ll die for!

2 Wear Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your zodiac sign into your wardrobe without necessarily wearing a shirt that says, “I’m a Cancer” in huge block letters. If you want to make your zodiac sign more prevalent in your life and wardrobe, try wearing it on your jewelry first.

3 Dress According to Your Zodiac Sign

Just like there are pages and pages of results when you simply search your zodiac sign, there are pages and pages of fashion analyses when it comes to your zodiac sign as well. You would be surprised just how much can be determined from your zodiac sign, from the color for you to the style you should be rocking!

4 Try Kate Spade

Kate Spade is the queen of cute accessories, and the new zodiac line is no exception. Not only are the zodiac sign bracelets adorable, but they have cute little sayings on them that remind you of one of your best qualities when you’re feeling down on yourself.

5 Or Old Navy

If Kate Spade really isn’t in your price range, Old Navy has got you covered. Although they don’t sell accessories online, in-store they have the cutest zodiac-inspired accessories for all of your cute accessory needs.

6 Embrace Your Sign

Don’t be afraid to wear your sign with pride. Sure, some of their illustrations can be pretty strange, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear them! Wear your sign on a graphic tee, people who love studying the zodiac will know what it is, but to the untrained eye it will probably just look like an abstract graphic tee!

7 Wear Someone else’s Sign

You’re not restricted from wearing a zodiac sign just because it’s not yours! Wear a loved one’s sign, whether it’s your significant other’s, your mom’s, dad’s, sibling’s, or best friend’s sign. No matter whose it is, you’ll look so cute wearing it!

What is your favorite way to incorporate your zodiac sign into your wardrobe? Have you tried any of these ideas out yet? Will you try any of these ideas out now? Let me know if or when you do try these out in the comments!

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