How to Buy Fewer Clothes ...


How to Buy Fewer Clothes ...
How to Buy Fewer Clothes ...

If you are anything like me, then it’s probably fair to say that after all of the essentials like bills and groceries, the bulk of the rest of your paycheck every month goes straight on fashion! Clothing can be an addictive thing, and if you are someone who always wants to be on trend and looking fly, then the cost of having that current aesthetic can be sky high! If you can afford it, then that’s fine, but there are occasions when addiction to fashion can start to have a negative impact on your life. Here are some tips on how to buy fewer clothes.

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Brand Loyalty

It can be helpful to make a list of your favourite two or three bands, and commit to only buying clothing from them. If you limit your spending to just a small number of brands, then the selection of choice won’t be so varied and you won’t feel the pull to get one of everything from every fashion name in the industry!


Buy for Need

Only buy new items when you absolutely need them, rather than just simply ‘wanting’ them. I’m talking about needing a new size, or general wear and tear, not just fancying a new colour or a second or third version of something that you already own.


Limit Space

Make the proactive decision to make your closet and wardrobe space smaller. It is a simple way of telling your brain that you just don’t have the room to buy a whole new outfit every time you head to the mall. Creating physical limits is a great way to ensure that you can’t easily break rules.


Get in Shape

Some people get into the cycle of having to buy new clothes all the time because they are not paying attention to their nutrition and are going up a size every now and then. If you make the effort to stay in shape through healthy diet and regular exercise, you will never have to face the conundrum of not being able to fit into your old favourites!



At the start of every month, set a budget for your clothing expenses. When you have a figure to stick to, you can then have the option of buying one pricey piece, or a few cheaper pieces. In this situation, it doesn’t matter how much you end up with; what matters is that you are spending exactly the same amount in both scenarios.

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