10 Ways to Detox Your Wardrobe ...


10 Ways to Detox Your Wardrobe ...
10 Ways to Detox Your Wardrobe ...

Clean Your Wardrobe – it’s probably something that we all know we need to do, but always put off. When you clean your wardrobe, think of it as a bit of a detox. A wardrobe detox is a great way to free up space, as well as helping you reassess the items in your wardrobe. Whether you clean your wardrobe with the aim to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe, or to simply re-organise your items, below are a few helpful tips for a successful wardrobe detox.

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Clean It out

The first step to detoxing your wardrobe is to clear it out. Remove all your clothes for sorting, and start cleaning the actual space itself. This step is quite time consuming, but essential. Once you clean your wardrobe, you’ll have a blank canvas to build upon.



Once you’ve cleaned your wardrobe, start sorting through your clothes. Organise your clothes into those that you wear frequently and those you don’t. Keep the ones that you wear all the time. Be brutal. If you haven’t worn it in the past six months, chances are you won’t in the next six. For items you are undecided with, ask a friend for an honest opinion or put it into storage.



Create a pile of clothes to throw away. This is probably the biggest step in freeing up wardrobe space. This pile could include faulty garments, ill-fitting garments, or simply garments that you don’t wear any more. For clothes still in good condition, consider giving them away to charity.


Suss Your Style

Going through your clothes will hopefully help you determine your personal style. Having a defined aesthetic will make it easier when choosing pieces for your wardrobe. Choosing items that fit into your current wardrobe will also open up a range of outfit variations, rather than those items that only go with one or two other pieces.


Make a List

Once you’ve organised your clothing, list the items that you have and that are missing from your wardrobe. This will help you fill in any ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe. Having a well thought out wardrobe will hopefully prevent any future ‘what to wear’ dilemmas.


Get Organised

When putting your clothes back in, keep similar items together and think about colour-coordinating your space. Keeping your favourite things at eye level and in plain sight will also make it easier when choosing outfits to wear.



Organise your wardrobe in a way that reflects how you get dressed. Keep clothes in one area and accessories in another. You usually pick out accessories and outerwear last so keeping them in one place also helps with time management.


Smart Storage

When creating an organised wardrobe space, consider some smart storage options. Use hooks to store accessories, add shelf dividers, and create a separate space for your shoes. Cloth-covered cardboard boxes are a great way to store miscellaneous items.



Put anything out of season in storage. Having winter clothing in a summer wardrobe just acts as a distraction, and vice versa. Having clothes that are season appropriate will make choosing your outfits much easier.


Use Uniform Hangers

To create a sense of uniformity in your wardrobe, use hangers that are the same shape and style. Felt or wooden hangers are a good choice. Slim felt hangers also take up less space. Stay away from wire hangers at all costs.

Clean your wardrobe on a regular basis to keep it organised and streamlined. It’s a good idea to repeat this process either seasonally or once annually. Next time you clean your wardrobe don’t think about it as a chore, but as something more pro-active. What are your best wardrobe detoxing tips?

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Great post, but organizing your closet is a big task, that is a sure thing. Anytime is as good as any, and even though spring time seems to be the best time, I think fall might be even better, It will allow you to see how much stuff you can give away, donate to Good Will, and see what you are missing thus to include on your Christmas or Hanukkah wish list. I am more motivated to clear my dresser and closet with season changes. It is so true, that if you find items you have not wore at all the past season, chances are you will NOT wear it next year during that season either. Time to give it away!!!

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