How to Cut Fast Fashion out of Your Life and Shop with a Conscience ...


How to Cut Fast Fashion out of Your Life and Shop with a Conscience ...
How to Cut Fast Fashion out of Your Life and Shop with a Conscience ...

Have you heard of the term fast fashion? It’s a term used to describe the replication of current high fashion trends in a really cheap and quick way, which basically results in a bunch of disposable and low-quality clothing that ends up being a big disappointment. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying fast fashion because we all love to fill our closets so we have plenty of outfit options. The clothes are inexpensive and have some sort of connection to the popular trends of the time, but ultimately you end up spending more money to replace them than the satisfaction you get from wearing them! Here is how to cut fast fashion out of your life.

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Buy Less

It can be hard to restrain yourself when you have the funds to spend and you see items that you like, but the only way to put some order and quality back into your wardrobe is to simply buy less! It’s a perfect way to shrinking your carbon footprint, and it also encourages you to be more creative and economical with the clothes that you are left with.


Invest in Quality

Instead of buying ten pieces of fast fashion, make the decision to but two examples of better quality, better made items. You can even go one step further and look to buy from companies and brands that are known for being ethical and eco-friendly like Everlane, Amur, Reformation, Maiyet and Stella McCartney. Cheap and stylish is tempting in the moment, but in the long run, you will be much better off saving up to buy good quality clothing.


Second Hand

People sometimes have a bad opinion of charity shops and thrift stores, but if you make the effort to go on a hunt, you will definitely find some treasure. Vintage and second-hand good quality clothing can be found in such stores for a fraction of the price that they once cost, and even though it is a pre-loved item, it is still a much better investment that heading to the high street and buying five flimsy shirts for $15.


Mend Things

Don’t throw a garment in the trash just because it has a tear on the hem or something similar. If the problem with the item is one that can be fixed, then set about trying to fix it rather than your first thought being to replace it. Similarly, if you lose a little weight, for example, then get your best pieces tailored. This will save you from having to fill up a closet with all new fast fashion.



The best thing to do is just set about doing your own research on the topic. There are hundreds of Instagram accounts, YouTube channels and blogs online that are dedicated to helping people change their relationship with fashion. They can probably provide dozens more great tips than I have given you here, and every little bit helps when it comes to saving money and introducing better quality into your life.

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