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How to Pick the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type ...

By Carly

When you are hitting the beach or the pool you want to look your best. You want to highlight your assets and enhance or hide your problem areas. We all come in different shapes and sizes and while some people might suit a string bikini, others might look better in a designer swimsuit one piece.

The first trick to looking fabulous on the beach is to understand your body shape. If you can’t easily tell your shape from looking in the mirror then you can work it out by taking a few measurements. Measure your waist, hips and bust at their smallest points. Here is how you work out your shape from your findings:

- Apple shape: If your waist is wider than your hips and equal to your bust, then you are an apple shape.

- Hourglass shape: If your hips and bust are around the same size but your waist goes in at the middle, then you are an hourglass.

- Pear shape: If your hips are much wider than your waist and your bust, then you will be a pear shape.

- Straight: If you have no significant difference in your measurements, then you will be a straight shape, otherwise known as a ruler.

Once you have measured yourself, you are ready to shop online or in store for unique swimwear and beachwear. Here is how to pick the best swimsuit for your body type.

1 The Hourglass

What to look for: The great thing about being an hourglass is that you can get away with wearing both all in one swimsuits and bikinis. If you really want to show off your fabulous curves then choose a vintage style with a high waist, or go for a swimsuit that gathers fabric between the hips and chest. Thick strapped halter necks look fantastic and provide you with the support you need to feel confident.

What to avoid: Though it might be tempting to mix and match a bikini, this is something to avoid as an hourglass. The different colors and patterns of the bikini can make you look out of proportion.

2 The Apple

What to look for: When you are shopping as an apple you might find that you are best suited to a designer swimsuit one piece with thick straps. The thick straps will make your shoulders look smaller and provide support for your bust. Another trick with shopping for beachwear is to look for is to take away the emphasis on your top half by mixing a plain top with a patterned bottom.

What to avoid: Strapless or suits with a very thin strap are not going to support you while you’re at the beach. Needless to say, this could end in a wardrobe malfunction and a red face.


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3 The Pear

What to look for: When you are a pear shape you should look to enhance your top area and provide a balance. To do this chose a light patterned top and contrast it with a solid color on the bottom. Really show off your figure with a pair of high cut bottoms as these will highlight your thin waist.

What to avoid: Busy prints on the bottom half and boy shorts are a no go for the pear shape. These will make your hips look wider and will take the attention from your top area.

4 The Straight

What to look for: Create an optical illusion of curves by choosing swimsuits and bikinis with frills. Anything with detail at the bust and hips is a winner for the straight shape; it will make you look curvy and fabulous.

What to avoid: If you have a long middle then don’t choose a one piece. These will just make you look flat, the same is said for bandeau tops.

The key thing when you are shopping swimwear is that you feel confident in your choice. Take the time to measure yourself before you go shopping so that you really know your shape and know what you need to enhance to look and feel great at the beach or poolside. Don’t get hung up worrying about the parts of your body that you don’t like and focus on enhancing the parts that you do.

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