How to Avoid Embarrassing Swimsuit Malfunctions ...


How to Avoid Embarrassing Swimsuit Malfunctions ...
How to Avoid Embarrassing Swimsuit Malfunctions ...

Nothing is worse than standing up after hitting an epic water slide, only to find that your bikini top is gone or that your butt cheeks are hanging out for all to see. Because swimsuits cover very little, it’s understandable that if they shift, embarrassment will follow. You don’t have to suffer through a malfunction when you follow these easy tips. Each one is simple and will ensure that your bits are always covered when it matters most.

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Make Sure You Have the Right Fit

swimwear, human hair color, beauty, photo shoot, vacation, If your swimsuit is too big or it has loosened over time, you are much more likely to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, especially at waterparks or in the waves of the ocean. If your suit moves or shifts easily, you can assume that it is going to do so at the worst possible times. Here’s an example – I once lost my swimsuit bottoms while waterskiing because they were a size too big. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.


On the flip side, swimwear that's too tight can lead to discomfort, unflattering bulges, and strained seams that might just give way when you least expect it. Always try on swimsuits before purchasing and do a few moves in the fitting room to make sure everything stays in place. This isn't the time for wishful thinking sizing; go for what fits comfortably now. Remember, water can change the way fabric fits, so consider a swim with your new suit in a private pool before hitting the public scene.


Wear It the Right Way

eyewear, swimwear, sunglasses, spring break, supermodel, Sure, you might want to turn your halter into a strapless or pull the legs up just a bit at your hips. Don’t do it! Messing with the way your swimsuit sits on your body ups the chance of something going wrong and a malfunction could occur. Instead, wear your suit the right way and go buy another one if you want to try a new style.


Do the Jump Test

swimwear, vacation, sky, sea, beach, Next time you’re standing in the dressing room trying on a new suit or you’re just pulling one out of your drawer that you’ve haven’t worn in a while, the jump test is imperative. Once you have the suit in place, jump and down a few times. You should be able to see if anything important is going to spill out, accidentally giving those around you a free peep show.


This isn't just a move for the privacy of a fitting room; it's your quick check on the beach before you brave the waves. If your suit passes your bouncy litmus test, you're probably good to go. But remember, if there's even a hint of slippage, consider opting for a different style or grabbing some fashion tape for an added security layer—it's better to be safe than sorry! This little trick can save you from an unexpected show and ensure you stay chic while you splash and play.


Adjust before Climbing out of the Water

swimwear, fashion model, shoulder, shorts, headgear, Since most embarrassing swimsuit malfunctions happen when you’re emerging from the water, practice making discreet adjustments before you get out. Quickly check to make sure all the fabric is covering what it should and pull it back into place if it has shifted. Easy, right?


Don’t Assume That Your Top and Bottom Are the Same Size

swimwear, supermodel, model, fashion model, summer, There’s a reason that tops and bottoms are sold separately. And that reason is so that you can find the right fit above and below. Some girls are the same size all over, but you might not be. Make sure you try on a few different sizes to find what works best for you. That way you won’t be the one who loses her top when a big wave rolls in.


Get It Wet and do the Walk Test

swimwear, vacation, beach, summer, black hair, Of course, you can only do this with suits you already own, but stepping into the shower and getting the suit wet and then walking around in it should let you know how much sag you’re going to get and how much danger of a malfunction you’re putting yourself in. Swimsuits stretch and sag over time so a suit that was fine last year might be too worn out to work this year.



It's important to keep in mind that swimsuits can stretch and sag over time, especially if they have been worn multiple times. This is why it's a good idea to do the "walk test" before heading to the beach or pool. Simply get your suit wet in the shower and walk around in it to see how much sagging occurs. This will give you an idea of how well the suit will hold up during wear. It's also a good idea to try on different styles and sizes to find the best fit for your body shape. Remember, a properly fitting swimsuit will not only prevent embarrassing malfunctions, but also make you feel confident and comfortable while enjoying your time in the sun.


Forget about Wearing Your Suit All Day Long

, Once you’re done in the water, it’s best to take your swimsuit off and put on something else. Wearing it for long periods of time wears it out and stretches it faster. Next time you put it on, you could be in for trouble. Not to mention that sitting around in a damp suit ups the risk of rashes, itchiness and irritation all over your body.

Ever had a swimsuit malfunction? How do you prevent it from ever happening again?

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