5 Interesting Facts about High Fashion Many Don't Know ...


For lots of us ‘normal people’ out there, the term high fashion can sometimes strike fear and anxiety in to our aspirational hearts! There is a misconception that high fashion is only for the rich and famous, or the young and super cool, but I happen to think that high fashion can be for everybody! All you need to do in order to get more comfortable with it is just get to know a little more about what is behind the curtain. Here are a few interesting facts about high fashion.

1. Not All High Fashion is Couture

It might all seem to be in that upper echelon of style, but a high fashion brand can only be regarded as haute couture when it has released a collection of at least twenty-five outfits, made by hand from rare or precious fabrics, with the added requirement of being produced in Paris!

The Clients Aren’t Always Who You Think