Kim Kardashian for Vogue Australia's Feb 2015 Cover ...


After breaking the internet with her nude photos in Paper Magazine and receiving worldwide criticism as well as adulation, Kim is back! This time she's on the cover of Vogue Australia dressed in an all white Balmain creation and...I can't believe I'm about to say this, she looks gorgeous!

Check it out for yourself:
Shot by French fashion photographer, Gilles Bensimon, Kim almost looks like a mermaid emerging from the ocean. I'm loving the neutral colors, the subtle beachy waves and the barely-there makeup. She looks absolutely ethereal, don't you think?

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Models are only famous for there looks as well , but you'll praise them. Haters lol

This is a great look for here that's opposite her usual.

Why do people get so mad about the way Kim lives her life ? Last time I checked everyone has their own life to think about. Smh I never seen people stress about why someone else dresses they way they do if they aren't endangering Some ones life why get so wrapped up ? This post is about the cover not about how she got there it's the fact that she is there ! &she;'s not coming off of it lol smh she's beautiful this shoot is beautiful. End of story.

Shona just tap on the picture

That's fabulous

Why such a serious expression? No emotion

What does she do? Really can anyone honestly answer? What does Kim Kardashian do?

KK is capitalizing on everyone's fascination with her. For whatever reason the leaked sex tape (her claim to fame) ,her butt, her short marriage. So what does she do? She makes $ bcz the people of the world care. I agree she's a beautiful woman there's really no need for the crazy naked pics. But to each his own. At least her & Kayne have enough $ for their kids to seek therapy later in life!

This rage attack down here. What in the world hahah! Yeah she's all those now, after a leaked sex tape. Chill, Alley. Calling names is the first trait of being a hater.

Slightly off topic, for which I apologise, but does anyone else have difficulty seeing the pictures on the app?? As I scroll down, the pictures move upwards and 'disappear' into the title...I never see the *whole* imagine anymore... Does anyone else experience this, or is it just me?? I can't really comment on Kim's cover, because I can't see all the picture!!

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