Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Women Looking on Point This Year ...


Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Women Looking on Point This Year ...
Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Women Looking on Point This Year ...

Knowing the latest summer fashion trends 2017 is something that every trendy girl needs to do. Fashion isn’t just meant for runway models and Hollywood celebrities after all. Fortunately, media has brought us common people closer to the fashion world. Social media, the Internet and even newspapers and magazines have exposed us to the ever-changing trends in the fashion world. Fashion changes every season of the year. Last year, the world saw the advent some of unique trends and designs. This year is no different. These are the most wearable summer fashion trends for women that are ruling in 2017.

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Shirt Dresses

blue, hair, clothing, human hair color, hairstyle, Among the hottest summer fashion trends in 2017 is the shirt dress. The long shirts that hit the stands quite some years ago have become classic. However, this year, the designers thought of providing a new edge to these shirt dresses with varied quirks and cuts. The short dresses nowadays come with double high slits, drop waists, asymmetric hemlines, button-downs and mandarin-collars, to name a few, to enable you to experiment with any look that matches your personality.


Kimono Style Coats

clothing, kimono, fashion, outerwear, costume, These trench coats are indeed a stylish mix of paper coats, traditional kimono, and modern robes. The coats are well-accepted, fashionable and desired greatly by women since last summer. The coats are roomy, lightweight and slouchy as well. You can even wear a medium-sized obi belt with these dresses in order to complete the look.



white, fashion model, fashion, shoulder, supermodel, Culottes are a bit tricky when it comes to length. Falling somewhere within a full-on flare and boot cut, this look has evolved from the raw denim that was in trend last season to what you're seeing this year. The length of proper culottes is to be hemmed between your lower calf and upper ankle. Consider wearing long leather boots in order to enhance your look.


Long Vests

clothing, jeans, fashion model, denim, snapshot, Long vests are trending this year to a great extent. A perfect alternative to the blazers and jackets that ruled in the 70’s, these long vests provide a slimming effect on one’s body especially when left unbuttoned. You can opt for these during the late summer and even wear one with a sweater during the winter.

When it comes to the 2017 fashion trends for women, the other notable mentions include the sporty look, capes, A-line shapes, trucker jackets and a saree with varied twists.

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