8 Most Stylish Tech Accessories for Women ...


8 Most Stylish Tech Accessories for Women ...
8 Most Stylish Tech Accessories for Women ...

Tech accessories for women are often designed to be more pleasing to the eye. Personally, this is something I’m most grateful for. I do love my tech gadgets and when they’re able to double as decorative accessories, well, it doesn’t get much better! From smart phone holders to ear muffs doubling as headphones, there are plenty of ways to stay connected and stylish. Check out a few stylish tech accessories for women, below.

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Animal Print Ear Buds

Animal Print Ear Buds With the rise of the iPods and portable music carriers, it seems like most of us are always connected to our favourite tunes. While many headphones and ear buds are plain and, dare I say, boring, there are plenty of stylish options available. These leopard prints one are by Diane von Furstenberg and cost $25. When it comes to these tech accessories for women, you can grab other, more affordable styles at stores like Modcloth and Urban Outfitters.


Embellished Laptop Case

Embellished Laptop Case Whether you’re going to school or to work, chances are you’ll be lugging around a laptop these days. Why not carry yours in style with something like this embellished laptop case from Topshop? You can get plenty of stylish laptop cases on a budget, and if you’re after a designer splurge then brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs are worth a look.


Quilted Tablet Case

Quilted Tablet Case Whether it’s an iPad or another tablet brand, keep your tablets safe and out of harm’s way in a stylish quilted tablet case. This MICHAEL Michael Kors case costs around $130 and despite being labelled as an iPad case could probably house similar sized tablets as well. Since many of us don’t really feel the need to spend over a hundred dollars on a case, try Urban Expressions or Betseyville by Betsey Johnson for something a bit easier on the wallet.


Ear Muff Headphones

Ear Muff Headphones Keep warm in winter but still stay connected to your favourite tunes with these quirky tech accessories. These cute Kate Spade ear muff headphones will set you back anywhere between $60-$90 while other styles by Lauren Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Nordstrom and Modcloth also cover a range of budgets.


Tech Gloves

Tech Gloves Everything seems to have a touch screen these days, but sometimes gloves just get in the way. However, this is no longer the case thanks to these innovative tech-friendly gloves. Available for around $40 from Modcloth, these gloves feature touch screen compatible fabric on the tips of the thumbs and pointers. These kind of gloves are perfect for winter!


Designer USB Key Ring

Designer USB Key Ring House all of your data in a stylish designer USB. Animal shapes are a popular choice with brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs (pictured here) and Coach all getting stylish with these seemingly simple tech accessories.


Leather Smart Phone Sleeve

Leather Smart Phone Sleeve The problem with smart phones is that they can be very fragile. It’s important then keep them safe and protected. A chic, leather or leather-look smart phone case is a simple enough way to protect these everyday tech accessories. From high end designs by Balenciaga to affordable Topshop buys, a simple leather-look sleeve is a perfectly understated way to carry your smart phone.


Camera Bag

Camera Bag Whether you’re toting around a big DSLR camera or a compact point and shoot, it’s worth investing in a camera bag to keep your camera protected from bumps and scratches. Brands like Smythson, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rachel Roy and JCPenney all sell quite stylish camera bags and cover a range of budgets.

These are just some of the most stylish tech accessories available right now. It’s easier than ever to stay in touch and stay connected, without having to compromise on style. What are your favourite gadgets and tech accessories?

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