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Online Shopping Tips for plus Size Women ...

By Carly

Here’s the thing that makes me angry about the fashion industry and mainstream retail. A size 14 is a perfectly normal and acceptable size to be, in fact, it is often the annual average for women, but for some reason, plenty of high street and popular brands like to think that women of that size and more don’t really exist. If you are in the club, you will know just how demoralising it can be to walk into a store and not even have your size hung on the racks. And let’s not even get started on online shopping! That can be even worse. To make your life easier, here are some online shopping tips for women of size 14+.

1 Measure Yourself

It can be a really tedious task, but sometimes it is best to measure yourself and have the numbers by your side when shopping online. Lots of different brands can be very liberal with their plus size clothing, meaning that you won’t always get a true fit by just selecting your normal size. Make sure to look at the detailed garment descriptions and pick whichever fits your needs the best, regardless of the stated size.

2 Find Inspiration

The world of plus size fashion is filled with lots of amazing bloggers and vloggers that are there to provide you with all of the inspiration that you need. Let them do all of the searching and collecting for you. When you find someone whose style and taste matches your own, it can almost feel like having your own personal shopper for recommendations!

3 Return Policy

Make sure that you know a site’s returns policy before you commit to buying from them. Sometimes, a garment not fitting your body in quite the way you wanted to isn’t enough to warrant an exchange or refund, and since this is a common issue for plus size shopping, it can really pay off to know which sites are your friend and which are not.

4 Brand Loyalty

You will find that once you find a brand that is true to your measurements and speaks to your style, you will become a loyal customer. Plus size shoppers are some of the most brand loyal out there simply because of the limited choice, so find your favourite brands and keep going back to them again and again. Each new collection they bring out will have something you love, I can guarantee it.

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