7 Outrageously Beautiful DIY Fashion Videos You Must See ...


7 Outrageously Beautiful DIY Fashion Videos You Must See ...
7 Outrageously Beautiful DIY Fashion Videos You Must See ...

Fashion Videos are my most favorite thing in the world because they always inspire me to stay open for new styles as well as new ways to wear things I already have. Now, I don’t know if you feel the same but I’ve prepared some totally wicked fashion videos for you today, just to help get that creative juices flowing! So don’t say or think anything before you see them because you might feel the urge to take it all back. LOL! But, seriously, ladies, have fun watching these amazing fashion videos and don’t forget to tell me which one is your favorite!

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A Few Good Reasons to Borrow His Shirt

A man’s shirt looks very sexy on a woman, we all know that and pretty much the whole world does, too. But did you know there are a few very stylish ways to wear his shirt even outside your home? Yup, this creative designer is going to show you how to turn the shirt your loved one is not wearing anymore (or is willing to give it up for you) into a few different summer tops and summer skirts.


One Sweater 16 (?!) Ways to Wear It

If you ever need a tunic, a sweater dress, a skirt, a scarf, a chic party top and oh…a sweater, of course, all you’ll need to do is pack one striped sweater! Sounds confusing? Well check out one of the coolest fashion videos ever and you’ll see that being chic and packing light is possible!


Simple Cool Tee Dress

Grab your dad’s old T shirt, give it a little chopping, take out your needles and thread for two piece of cake stitches and you’ll have a cool bat wing tunic or a short dress that goes so well with just anything (especially leggings!). Great idea, very interesting and easy to do and as soon as I finish my post, I’m going to go find me a big tee to chop! LOL!


Uber Cute Ruffled Dress

OMG, girls, you definitely need to check this video out! This little lady managed to make a totally stylish, amazingly cute dress using nothing more than a pair of scissors, a sewing machine and light, stretchy materials a pro seamstress would not even dream of cutting without a sewing pattern! So creative and so adorable – wish I’d seen it a couple of months ago, while the weather was hot enough to wear something like this. Check it out and tell me what you think – I think creative individuals and interesting DIY fashion videos such as this one are definitely worth seeing.


Stunning Wrap Dress

Do you have a wrap dress? No? Well, no problem because the point of these fashion videos is to help you get new ideas and make cool outfits completely on your own! But this ingenious lady right here won’t show you just how to make a versatile wrap dress but give you ideas on how to wear it as well. I honestly didn’t expect much out of this dress but as soon as she started wrapping it I literally went crazy.


5 Ways to Wear 1 Skirt

The summer is over, unfortunately, but I promised myself that won’t keep me from showing you this cool vid because it might inspire you to continue wearing your summer wardrobe in a way that will make your fall style fabulous and unique. I totally love all 5 styles, especially a summer dress and a ruche top – totally awesome!


Ximena Valero Convertible Dress

I’ve always loved convertible dresses but I never believed you could actually get so MANY different looks with just one dress! It’s really amazing what you can do with this stretchy two toned garment! This is one of those commercial fashion videos I try to avoid but, hey, if sewing is not rocket science for you, I’m sure you’ll manage to pull off something similar and just as useful (not to mention much cheaper because this dress costs more than $400!). Good luck!

Aren’t these fashion videos great? Don’t they just make you want to start going through your closet looking for things you never dreamt about wearing together up until now? Oh, and don’t forget to pick a favorite! Okay? Which one of all these fashion videos has made you say, Woooow!”? Feel free to share some of your favorite fashion videos too!

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