7 plus Size Beauty Myths Crushed to the Core Because Curvy is Gorgeous Too ...

You're a plus sized girl living in a skinny world and with that come tons of beauty myths, many of which are in need of a serious busting! The average ensemble by your favorite clothing designers are made to fit a much smaller frame and can make a curvy girl feel out of place and what’s worse, the rules of fashion dictate that you can't wear certain things. We're here to say, "Who says?" Here are 7 Plus Sized Beauty Myths BUSTED!

1. Thou Shalt NEVER Wear Horizontal Stripes

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Okay admit it, you avoid horizontal stripes like the plague. Well we're here to tell you that this beauty myth needs busting! As a plus sized beauty you've been told for a long time that those evil little straight lines are a sure fire way to make your fuller frame look bigger. While this is true in SOME cases, there is a way you can pull this off. The key to successfully pulling off a horizontal striped look is knowing your proportions. The stripes shouldn't be too thick and the spacing should also be proportioned well. If you're nervous about heading full charge into this look, start out small, like wearing a striped tank under your favorite open cardigan or jacket with your favorite jeans and believe me when I tell you, you'll feel both sexy and rebellious giving this look a try.

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