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The vintage revival is in full swing and there are plenty of websites for new and vintage goods. Some websites started out selling solely vintage, adding new clothing lines later on, while others are more mainstream websites that have recently added vintage collections into the mix. Regardless of how they started out, there now seems to be an endless array of websites for new and vintage goods. These websites have all your new and vintage clothing needs sorted.

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Modcloth is one of the most popular websites for new and vintage goods. The online store stocks plenty of vintage-inspired goods and also has an extensive vintage range. The great thing about this store is that if you can’t find something vintage, you can always opt for something vintage-inspired instead. You can buy anything from clothes and accessories to quirky décor and vintage-inspired electronics.


Yo Vintage!

Yo Vintage! is not only an online destination where you can shop new and vintage clothing but it also exists as a store in Portland, Oregon. The store stocks both new and vintage items. The vintage range is made up of one-of-a-kind pieces sourced from around the globe, while the ‘new’ range consists of contemporary bags, accessories, jewellery, and beauty products. You can navigate between the new and vintage ranges just by clicking the ‘shop new’ or ‘shop vintage’ tabs.


Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss describes itself as being a boutique for “artists, It-girls, trendsetters, gypsies, or just those in spirit”. The store has a distinct bohemian aesthetic and stocks a range of curated vintage clothing and accessories. If you’re after that bohemian style, but aren’t too big on vintage, you can also shop the American Gold collection which is designed by Spanish Moss founder Suzanne Carafano.


Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal started out as an eBay store selling vintage pieces but is now a popular destination for contemporary fashion brands. The store stocks clothing and accessories from contemporary brands such as Motel, Jeffrey Campbell, and Cheap Monday. Staying true to their roots, the store still stocks a collection of curated vintage finds. If you’re after an affordable fast fashion fix, then this is one website worth checking out.



ASOS is pretty much your one stop shop for all things fashion. While the list of designers they stock is seemingly endless, did you know that they sell vintage as well? Their reclaimed vintage collection consists of items made from vintage fabrics or up-cycled original vintage pieces. In addition to the main ASOS site, you could also check out the ASOS Marketplace for one of a kind vintage finds from sellers all around the globe.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has a reputation for being a hipster’s haven. In addition to their contemporary brands, Urban Outfitters also sells vintage pieces under their Urban Renewal label. The Urban Renewal collection consists of vintage, recycled, or remade items. You can find anything from original band t-shirts to up-cycled dresses to vintage Swatch watches.


American Apparel

In amongst American Apparel’s t-shirts and hoodies, you can also find a range of vintage goodies. Just click on the ‘vintage’ section of the site to browse a range of men’s, women’s, and children’s vintage clothing and accessories. Some clothes are made from deadstock fabric so they’re available in a range of sizes while others are one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

These are just some websites that sell both new and vintage fashion goods. How many of these sites are you familiar with? Can you think of any other websites to add to this list?

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