7 Must-Have Luxury Items That We Never Saw Coming ...


Designers have a knack for making us lust after all the latest must-have luxury items - even if they’re not always what you’d typically call stylish or fashionable. Lately, we’ve seen a trend for luxury items that fall on the casual side of things. The rise of the sport luxe trend has meant that items like backpacks, sneakers, and sweaters are quickly gaining luxury status. Check out these must have luxury items that took us by surprise.

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Backpacks The backpack is enjoying a modern fashion revival and it’s quickly becoming one of the must-have luxury items. Luxury brands like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, and Proenza Schouler have all included backpacks as part of their accessories lines. One of the most extreme examples of luxury backpacks would have to be the alligator backpacks by The Row, which were being sold for upwards of $30,000. A cut-price version of the original, which sent fashionistas into a spin, will still set you back a couple of thousand dollars.



Sneakers Okay, so designer sneakers aren’t necessarily a new phenomenon, but they’re becoming quite prolific in the womenswear department. While your usual sporting brands are all still strong sellers, more and more designers are releasing luxury sneakers to appeal to trend-hungry, fashion-conscious shoppers. They’re a fashionable footwear option and are being worn with everything from skinny jeans to ladylike full skirts.



Sweatshirts Sweatshirts used to be something you’d slouch around the house in. But these days you’re just as likely to find them on the runways and being worn by trendsetters the world over. Luxury brands like Balenciaga and Kenzo paved the way for the sweatshirt to become a big brand fashion item. With designs ranging from bold prints to intricate embellishments, designers are having a field day reinventing the basic sweatshirt.


Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps First it was the leather baseball cap that caught the attention of fashionistas, and now there’s a whole raft of luxury designer caps for adding a sporty vibe to your outfits. From bright and bold prints by Kenzo to glittery metallics by Acne Studios and crystal embellishments from Shourouk, the humble baseball cap comes in all sorts of high end designs these days.


Suede Slippers

Suede Slippers Menswear inspired footwear trends have been gaining popularity for some time. It started with Oxford shoes and brogues, and then moved onto the suede slipper. From Charlotte Olympia’s cat and zodiac slippers to embellished versions by Alexander McQueen, the suede slipper is at the height of luxe. They’re not for loafing about the house in, and look great worn with both masculine tailored pieces and floaty feminine dresses.


Blanket Coats

Blanket Coats At the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 ready-to-wear show, models walked down the runway draped in what seemed to be monogrammed heritage blankets. They quickly became a hot topic of conversation and we’re wondering if this is a sign of winter trends to come.



Figurines/Toys Sometimes it seems that there’s a designer accessory for all occasions. One of the most recent trends has been for designer toys and figurines. Italian artist Simone Legno recently designed some Karl Lagerfeld figurines in collaboration with Manga-inspired brand tokidoki and luxury label Lanvin has released a range of collectible decorative porcelain figurines.

A lot of these designer pieces are stealth luxury items. They’re not things that you’d necessarily pick as being expensive, but a designer version can seriously put a dent in your budget. Can you think of any other must have designer items that don’t necessarily fit the ‘luxury’ tag?

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