7 Pretty Choker Necklaces ...

There is nothing more lovely than a choker necklace elegantly placed around the neck of a beautiful lady. Chokers can dress up the neckline, become a focal point, or hide unwanted imperfections. When choosing a choker, it is important to make sure the choker fits comfortably and is not too tight around the neckline. It is also important to carefully select the style of the choker to compliment the style of your attire. From simple to ostentatious, a choker can make a bold statement that will set your social entrance off right. Here are 7 pretty choker necklaces that will compliment your favorite outfit.

1. Angled Rhinestone and Silver Necklace

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Price: $35.00 at mimisthelook.com
Add a little glitter, and a lot of sparkle and shine, to any of your formal occasions with this gorgeous rhinestone choker. It's all glam, all style, ideal for prom, homecoming, maybe even your own wedding! It's also available in gold-tone with bits of coral... both are so pretty, how will you choose just one?

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