Pro Tips to Hosting a Successful Clothing Swap ...

Are you tired of wearing the same thing over and over? Is your closet the leaning Tower of Pisa? Learn how to host a clothing swap by decluttering your wardrobe and, obviously, trade what you do not want with other ladies!

These ladies know how to party!

A little food, a little drink, a whole lotta clothes and be merry!

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You know how they say not to shop on an empty stomach? LOL Have plenty of finger foods for easy maneuvering, especially if in a small house or apartment.

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Have a little of everything, such as bottled water, wine, beer ,or diet soda. Who has the time to make cocktails at such a function?

3. Clothes

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Even have shoes, jewelry, etc. Neatly make up piles of clothing. How would you be able to find enough clothing racks? Have plenty of bags available.

4. Fellowship

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Maybe getting out of the house is just what a woman needs. Maybe her life has been stressed and she needs a little retail therapy. Your invitation could bring some light into her life.

You and your friends could end up with wardrobes worth hundreds but only cost your time. Not too shabby for maybe 3 hours!

I wish you good luck with your clothing swap!

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