Pro Tips on How to Dress for Valentine's Day ...


Pro Tips on How to Dress for Valentine's Day ...
Pro Tips on How to Dress for Valentine's Day ...

Wondering how to dress for Valentine's Day? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The grocery stores are full of red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, oversized cards, and cute, little (or life size) teddy bears. Women of all ages are running to the malls and fashion outlets to find that new, sexy outfit as a way to satisfy their man. For all intents and purposes, appearance is everything. Brand name dresses, low-cut (but modest) tops and high-heels are flying off the shelves. Women are going to get their nails and hair done. The lingerie section in Victoria Secret is packed full of already beautiful women, looking for a piece of clothing that will make them even more stunning.

Time-out. Hold the phone.

Before you go on that shopping spree, think about who you’re dressing for and why. It is totally acceptable to want to look hot in that little black number, but instead of impressing the guy, do it for yourself. Buy that pencil skirt because you feel good in it, not because he’ll like the slit on the side. Pull out that sequin top you’ve been dying to wear because you love the way you look in it, not because the shimmer catches his eye. Slip into those knee-length boots because you know your legs look amazing in them. Who cares if it turns him on - if it makes you feel good about yourself, do it. Try on that lace bra and panty set and strut your stuff…for yourself.

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get dressed up for the one you love - or like-like. However, don’t lose sight of yourself or your comfort zone. If you would rather wear those Fruit of the Loom undies, then by God, wear them, girl. If you like red, wear red. If you like purple, wear purple. If you hate high-heels, wear your damn Vans. If you feel sexy in that off-the-shoulder grey sweater and those black leggings, own it. Don’t ever let a man or a blog tell you how to be sensual. Listen to your heart. Pay attention to your value. Have confidence in yourself. You are sexy and beautiful just the way you are. And that's how to dress for Valentine's Day.

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