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28 Really Cool Phone Cases That You Wont Be Able to Resist ...

By Eliza

With so many phone cases on the market, you might be having a hard time choosing the one you want. When I bought my new phone, it took me a couple of weeks to finally decide on one. Which is silly, because who says you can't have an entire wardrobe for your cell phone? You totally can! So check out these sweet phone cases and your cell might just have more to wear than you do.

Table of contents:

  1. Despicable me minion
  2. Donuts
  3. Melted crayons
  4. A little sweater
  5. Old school
  6. Ballet girl
  7. Dancing girl phone cover
  8. Camera
  9. A little quilt
  10. Chocolate bars
  11. Big sparkly bow
  12. Skeleton phone case
  13. Unique panda
  14. Electrical outlet
  15. More chocolate
  16. Three dimensional donuts
  17. Blob phone cover
  18. A little inspiration
  19. Designer label
  20. Lace and pearls
  21. Skittles phone cover
  22. Dapper
  23. Minnie mouse
  24. Felt cell phone cover
  25. Chanel
  26. Starbucks phone cover
  27. American flag
  28. Clear

1 Despicable Me Minion

Via Phone Case collections: Blended I! ...
Who doesn't love the cute kids' movie, Despicable Me? Those minions are adorable, so what better choice when it comes to phone cases than this one?

2 Donuts

Via Donuts iPhone Case Phone Cover
These donuts are sort of cartoonish, but are a fun way to deck out your phone. They might make me crave pastries a little too much. What about you?

3 Melted Crayons

Via Cool Stuff
This melted crayon look is really cute. My kids would love this!

4 A Little Sweater

Via Mobile Phone Covers pattern by ...
Keep your phone cozy with its own little sweater. You could easily make one of these out of a sweater you don't wear anymore.

5 Old School

Via Party Line iPhone & iPod ...
Did you ever have a rotary phone? My grandma did and it was always fun to use. This brings back those memories without sacrificing your smartphone.

6 Ballet Girl

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Even someone who doesn't love ballet would love to have this decked out phone case on their cell.

7 Dancing Girl Phone Cover

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
This ballerina is a little more understated, but still has just enough bling to make it stand out.

8 Camera

Via Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone Case ...
This camera phone case is a super cool way to make your phone look different from all your friends' and family members' phones.

9 A Little Quilt

Via 20 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts ...
I love this hodge podge of cute patterns that all come together on this phone case.

10 Chocolate Bars

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
If you love chocolate, you will love how awesome these candy looking phone cases are. Do they make you hungry?

11 Big Sparkly Bow

Via Sign up | Tumblr
Who couldn't use a little more sparkle in their day? This phone case is just the one to do that for you.

12 Skeleton Phone Case

Via Samsung galaxy S3 i9300 phone ...
I have a thing for skulls, so this phone case is one I would definitely love to have.

13 Unique Panda

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I think it's really cute how the panda is a cutout instead of just an image on the phone case. What do you think?

14 Electrical Outlet

Via Pink Socket-iphone4
This is like nothing you'll ever see again. It's so realistic that you might not realize it holds a phone.

15 More Chocolate

Via The Best Cell Phone Plans ...
If one chocolate themed phone case isn't enough, you'll want to be sure to add this little gem to your collection. It looks good enough to eat!

16 Three Dimensional Donuts

Via fun phone cases
If the flat donuts on the top cell phone cover aren't enough for you, get a load of this one. It looks sticky!

17 Blob Phone Cover

This little guy is so cute. He's sure to put a smile on your face every time you look at him.

18 A Little Inspiration

Via hipster iphone 4s cover . ...
If you like inspirational quotes, check out this great phone cover.

19 Designer Label

Via Phone covers & others

If you love Juicy Couture, you'll love this phone case. There isn't a place to put any more bling on this one.

20 Lace and Pearls

Via Phone covers
Are you getting married? Dress your phone for the occasion with this adorable phone case.

21 Skittles Phone Cover

If you're a candy lover, and really, who isn't, you're going to love this phone case.

22 Dapper

Via Annie . | Phone Cover ...
This combination of moustache and glasses is super cute. Would you put this on your phone?

23 Minnie Mouse

Via Bling Minnie Mouse Disney IPhone ...
Disney lovers unite! What a cute way to bling out your phone to showcase your love of Minnie Mouse.

24 Felt Cell Phone Cover

Via Items similar to Felt cell ...
You don't see many felt phone covers, but this one is adorable.

25 Chanel

Via : Buy 2013 Fashion ...
If you love designer labels, you won't be able to pass up this sparkly Chanel phone case.

26 Starbucks Phone Cover

Via Covers
Starbucks makes its presence known everywhere, even on your cell phone with this case.

27 American Flag

Via American Flag by XxJasonMichaelx
Display your patriotic spirit by covering your phone with this little cover.

28 Clear

Via Items similar to Fashion phone ...
I love this clear cover and it's so perfect with the mermaid on it.

Which one of these cell phone covers is your favorite? Do you switch out your cover often?

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