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7 Reasons Not to save Items for Special Occasions ...

By Tracy

You love to shop, find a few great pieces, and then save items for special occasions. The only reason I know about this is because it used to be my standard operating procedure, but not anymore! I no longer save items for special occasions because it’s too gratifying to wear them or use them right now!

1 Going, Going, Gone

As Heidi Klum says on Project Runway, "In fashion, one day you are in and the next you’re out." Consider this expert advice from one that's well versed in fashion trends. If you continue to save items for special occasions, by the time you’re ready to wear that sequined vest or those satin palazzo pants, you might just find they're way too out of date for anything but a themed party.

2 What Are You Waiting for?

You went to the mall and found the cutest outfit on sale. When you got home, you hung up this cutest outfit in the back of your closet, or if you take pleasure in self-denial, you kept it right up front where you can easily reach out and touch it. It doesn’t matter, because you don’t plan on wearing it any time soon. It’s just too cute to wear for anything other than a special event. But guess what? Tomorrow is a special event, simply because you’re alive. Wear that cutest outfit tomorrow. It will feel so good.

3 It Looks All Wrong

You bought a dress a few months ago and saved it for something special. Now something special came up and you eagerly go to your closet the night of the occasion and slip on your fantastic dress and OMG, what happened? It doesn’t look how you expected it would. Maybe it’s because you have a different hairstyle, and it just doesn’t work with the dress. Now you think about all the times you could have rocked it but foolishly decided to save it.

4 No Occasion is Quite Special Enough

When you hold onto a piece of jewelry for a special event, you might find yourself thinking that none of your events is quite perfect enough. After all, you haven’t worn the earrings yet and you’ve had them for months. May as well wear another pair you know you’ll get compliments on. You’ll end up letting these special occasion earrings sit for another three months.

5 You Just Never Know

You threw on an outfit you tend to wear a lot, and met a friend for a casual lunch. Who knew that seated at the next table would be one of the cutest, most well-dressed guys you’ve seen in months? Meanwhile, your friend is wearing a spot-on trendy outfit you helped her pick out just the other day!

6 The Perfect Time

A while back, you treated yourself to a nice expensive watch. Now it’s sitting in your jewelry box while you’re wearing the same old watch every day. Watch out! The day will finally arrive that you think is the perfect time to wear your pricey timepiece, and guess what? The battery is dead!

7 The Right to Be in Your Closet

Yes, your clothes and accessories have to pull their weight or you might as well bag them up and give them to someone who will wear and appreciate them. Maybe you have a fancy suit and no place to wear it. The jacket will look terrific with jeans or trousers. If you have no use for the skirt, there are organizations that would love the half-suit donation.

I broke the habit of saving stuff by impulsively deciding to wear a pair of earrings I had bought and purposely never wore. I thought it would be a one-time thing, but I enjoyed it so much, nothing was off limits ever again. Are you guilty of saving things in your closet or home for special times? Do you think the event would be less special if you’ve worn or used the pieces before that day? Could it possibly feel liberating to do away with saving stuff for a future time and use it right now?

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