7 Reasons Why Fake Fur Rocks ...


7 Reasons Why Fake Fur Rocks ...
7 Reasons Why Fake Fur Rocks ...

I’m a huge fan of fake fur, and there’s no denying that these days manufacturers are coming up with some wonderful fake fur items. They might not be quite good enough to fool anyone into thinking they’re the real item, but who wants the real thing anyway? That’s something that can’t be justified. Here are the reasons why I think fake fur rocks.

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Beauty without Cruelty

Here is not the place to go into the cruelty of the fur industry, but in my opinion it should be stopped once and for all. Nobody needs to wear it. Fake fur gives you the opportunity to look fantastic without any animal being harmed. It might not look quite the same, but it still looks amazing!



I have fake fur throws that my cats love sleeping on, and so they tend to get mucky pawprints and hairs all over them. No problem – I just throw them in the machine (the throws, not the cats. They’re self-laundering). Get any of your fake fur items dirty and they can be washed so they look good as new.



Some people wonder if it’s right to wear an inherited fur coat – they don’t like the idea of cruelty to animals but ask themselves if it makes a difference, since the coat is already there. A similar question is this - is it ok to buy vintage, as the coat is second-hand? With fake fur, the dilemma doesn’t arise.



We all know the price of real fur (or can make a pretty good guess). Too much. Fake fur rocks, because it’s so much cheaper and we can all afford it – the fakes nowadays are really good quality. Plus the moral cost of the real thing is far too high.


Supply and Demand

The more that fake fur is used, the more the use of it is encouraged. Think supply and demand. Besides, as more is manufactured the techniques improve, and the fakes are better and better. If people refuse real fur in favour of fake, designers and manufacturers will be discouraged from using real fur.


Looking Good … on Animals

Fur looks better on its real owner. We don’t need real fur to keep warm. Most of us don’t live in incredibly cold climates where we need fur to survive, and there are much better alternatives for people who do need clothing for very cold weather. When it’s just a question of being stylish, fake looks so much better.



I have lots of fake fur items, and while they may not be as luxurious as the real thing, the real deal is a luxury I can’t afford (even if I could, I wouldn’t want to wear it). All my ‘fake’ items are gorgeous to me – soft, snuggly, beautiful to touch and to look at!

So you see that there are lots of reasons why I think fake fur rocks! There’s really no need to wear the real thing (for me, it would be like wearing my pets). This is one occasion where fake is definitely the way to go. What are your favourite fake fur items from your closet?

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