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7 Serious Sale Shopping Tips ...

By Belinda

Sale shopping can be both fun and exhausting at the same time. Guest contributor Belinda Ma shares a few tips that will help make your sale shopping experience more worthwhile.

Who doesn't love sales?! It's the perfect time to stock up and find amazing bargains. Here are a few tips that will help you shop more comfortably and save you a bit more money.

1 What Are You Looking for?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find sizes during a sale. If you have your eye on something specific, you can call up the closest store and ask them if they have it and if they will hold it for you. That way you won’t have to worry that it will be gone by the time you make it to the store.

2 Timing

If there's something that you need, you should go get it as soon as the sales start. If you want something that you can live without, but would like to have for experimental reasons, look for it at the end of sale season when it may be even cheaper.

3 The Right Bag

Take a small shoulder bag with you so your hands are free to rummage through everything.

4 Buy Right

Buy things that you know you would wear, not what you think you MAY wear. Try imagining what you would pair it with, when you would wear it, where you'd wear it etc. If you can come up with at least 3 ideas, then buy it. If not, put it back down.

5 Easy to Try on

If you plan on trying things on, it would be more convenient if you wear something simple and easy to take off and put on. For example a pair of tights, a t-shirt and slip on shoes.

6 Manners

Never take too many clothes into the changing room. Never hog a changing room. Remember that others are also waiting. If you want to try something else on, wait in line again.

7 Speak up

If you see make up or a tear in a shirt that you really adore and you believe you can fix it, tell the sales associates. Usually they will give you an additional discount for damage.

What little tips do you have for sale shopping that might help? Leave a comment below. Happy shopping!

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