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7 Sexy Star Wars Inspired Makeup and Hair Tutorials ...

By Holly

Everyone is getting excited for Star Wars. That's why you should take PopSugar's advice and let the films act as your makeup and hair inspiration. Here are a few tutorials that you'll love wearing around town:

1 Princess Lei

She's beautiful, so why wouldn't you want to copy her look?

2 C3P0

You can look like a droid without looking like a dud.

3 Star Wars DIY

With hair like this, everyone will know that you love Star Wars.

4 Padme

This is something you could wear to any event.

5 Maris Brood

You'll look like one of a kind when you wear this.

6 R2D2

He's everyone's favorite robot!

7 Rey

This hair is unique, so you'll be the only one around wearing it in this style.

Who's your favorite Star Wars character?

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