Sensational Style Tips to Wow under Your Gown at Graduation ...


Sensational  Style Tips to Wow under Your Gown at Graduation  ...
Sensational  Style Tips to Wow under Your Gown at Graduation  ...

Graduation style is not an easy task. Not only are you focused on graduating and all of the different events that come along with that, but you have to worry about what you’re going to wear as well. More than that, not only do you have to worry about style, but you also have to worry about the logistics of everything. You can’t wear a maxi dress because it will show underneath your gown. You have to think a lot about the shoes you’re going to wear and whether or not you’ll trip as you walk across the stage. There are so many things you need to worry besides just looking cute when you graduate, and these tips are sure to have you covered for the perfect graduation day!

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Pick the Right Shoes

white, clothing, dress, fashion, spring, It always terrifies me when I see girls teetering into their graduation ceremony wearing sky-high heels. Think about the shoes you’re wearing before you go to graduation, because you have to walk across a stage in front of hundreds, possibly even thousands, of people. Do you really want to trip when you’re graduating? Either wear shoes with a lower heel or wear high-heels that you’ve worn so many times you know you wouldn’t trip.


Practice with Your Hair and Cap

hair, human hair color, face, blond, hairstyle, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I had a really hard time styling my hair when it came to my graduation day. I originally planned on styling it straight, like I do most days, however when I put the cap over my straight hair, I hated how it looked. I had to play with a few different styles before I found one that I liked. You don’t want to put your cap on before your graduation and realize that you don’t like how your hair looks underneath the cap!


Don’t Worry Too Much about Your Dress

dress, clothing, woman, lady, beauty, Don’t save your favorite dress for graduation day, because chances are that you won’t be seen in it very much. You’ll probably spend most of the day with your gown over your dress, and no one will really see the dress. Instead, save your favorite dress for your graduation party if you have one!


But do Put Some Thought into It

yellow, clothing, dress, leg, thigh, Even though you’re not photographed very much in your dress, you will be, so don’t just completely disregard your entire look on graduation day. Just because it won’t be seen as much doesn’t mean it can be completely forgotten about!


Think about Your Sunglasses

eyewear, face, glasses, hair, vision care, If your graduation is outside, think about your sunglasses beforehand. Consider whether you want to make a statement or you just want to wear a classic pair that you won’t regret in pictures in 20 years. Remember, graduation is one of those life events that you look back on for years, so you’ll be looking at those sunglasses for years to come!


Try to Wear a Dress with Pockets

white, clothing, dress, lady, human positions, Especially if you have a big graduating class, it may be hard to keep all of your essentials with a friend or family member who isn’t graduating. If you need something in a pinch, like cash or your phone, you can’t exactly locate your family in a few seconds and get what you need. Instead, try to find a dress with pockets so you can keep everything with you, even when you’re graduating.


Pay Attention to the Weather

hair, black hair, face, hairstyle, eyebrow, When I graduated high school it was unseasonably warm, which meant that by the end of the ceremony, it looked like I hadn’t even done my hair. It almost meant that most of the girls in my graduating class were sweating in their dresses. Keep an eye on the weather, so you know what to be prepared for, whether it’s raining, cold, or even hot.

What are your tips for the perfect graduation day style? Let me know your helpful tips in the comments!

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When I graduated high school, there was a torrential downpour and we all got drenched! No one got to walk up the stage to get his or her diploma, no bullshit speeches either! My school was too cheap to rent a hall!

Thanks for the tips :)

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