7 Signs You Are a Tomboy ...


7 Signs You Are a Tomboy ...
7 Signs You Are a Tomboy ...

The signs you're a tomboy are blatant and easily recognized. Being one isn’t a positive nor a negative, but only a categorization of style. Characteristics of tomboy-ishness are normally developed at a young age and carried on throughout adulthood. After reading these signs you're a tomboy, you should know whether you're one or not.

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You Love Sports and Video Games

No, liking the Sims and Olympic gymnastics are not signs you're a tomboy. Sports like football, baseball, and hockey appeal to you because you take pleasure in the physical contact and exceptional athleticism. Gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading aren't really tomboyish because while they require talent, they attract an audience that seeks beauty rather than physicality.


You definitely find yourself more excited about jumping into a competitive match of FIFA or NBA 2K than lining up avatars on a virtual farm. Your passion for video games leans towards those that stimulate the thrill of the game rather than the aesthetics of gameplay. While others may enjoy the leisurely pace of narrative-driven games or the creativity in world-building simulators, the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action of sports-based games is what gets your heart racing.


You Have Guy Friends

Because of your interest in sports and video games rather than fashion and makeup, you better relate to boys. You can hardly hold a conversation with your female friends because of your lack of curiosity about gossip and nail polish.


Being a tomboy is not a bad thing. In fact, many women embrace their tomboy side and use it to their advantage. Tomboys are often seen as independent, strong and confident women who are not afraid to stand out.

Tomboys often have a more diverse group of friends than the average woman. They have a better understanding of men and can relate to them better. They have guy friends who they can talk to about sports and video games, and who can also relate to their disinterest in fashion and makeup.

Tomboys often have a greater appreciation for the outdoors. They love to go camping, hiking, fishing, and explore the wilderness. They are also more likely to be involved in sports, such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. This is a great way for them to stay active and stay in shape.

Tomboys are usually more comfortable in their own skin than other women. They are confident in their abilities and don't care what others think of them. They are also not afraid to speak their mind. They are often seen as more open-minded and accepting of different people and ideas.

Frequently asked questions

A tomboy is usually a girl who enjoys activities or preferences traditionally associated with boys. This can include playing sports, wearing more masculine clothes, or being less interested in stereotypically girly things like makeup and dresses.

Yes, being a tomboy can influence your fashion choices. You might prefer comfortable and practical clothing like jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers over dresses and heels. Your style might lean towards a more androgynous or masculine look.

Absolutely! It's important to be true to yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. Whether you're a tomboy or not, embracing your unique style and interests is what matters most.

You might be a tomboy if you prefer activities often linked with boys, like sports or adventure games, enjoy dressing in a more masculine style, and perhaps don't have much interest in more typical female pastimes or fashion.

Yes, tomboys can still be very much interested in fashion. Fashion is a broad field, and it includes a variety of styles, including those that might be considered tomboyish. Many fashion-forward tomboys enjoy mixing masculine and feminine elements to create a unique style.


You’re Adventurous

When you see a frog, you jump at the chance to hold it rather than squeal and shy away disgustedly. Instead of cowering in fear, you face an adventure like a challenge. If your cat gets stuck in a tree, you climb and retrieve it rather than helplessly asking the guy next door. At a sleepover, you want to explore the outdoors and seek mischief instead of discussing and analyzing your friends' intriguing social lives. Experiencing a bed and breakfast on the roof of your high school (punishable by expulsion) beats being crowned homecoming queen any day.


Tomboys are often characterized as having a strong sense of adventure and a willingness to take risks. This is certainly the case for the tomboy described in this text. She is willing to hold a frog, climb a tree to rescue her cat, and explore the outdoors. She would rather experience a bed and breakfast on the roof of her high school than be crowned homecoming queen.

Tomboys are often more interested in physical activities than in traditional girly pursuits. They may prefer sports and outdoor activities to dolls and makeup. They may also prefer playing with boys to playing with girls. This tomboy is no exception. She is more interested in exploring the outdoors and seeking mischief than discussing and analyzing her friends' social lives.

Tomboys often have a strong sense of independence and self-confidence. They are not afraid to take risks and try new things. This tomboy is confident enough to jump at the chance to hold a frog and climb a tree to rescue her cat. She is also brave enough to attempt a bed and breakfast on the roof of her high school.


You Aren’t Always Made up

Don’t get me wrong. A tomboy is not ignorant of personal hygiene. However, if you are one, it’s highly likely you aren’t frightened to leave your house without makeup, styled hair, and manicured nails. When given $100 for your birthday, your first instinct isn’t to touch up your highlights or visit the spa. Sure, looks matter to a tomboy, but you fail to see reason in looking impeccably flawless every time you face the public.


You Laugh, Not Giggle

In case you were born yesterday, responding to a man’s jokes with high-pitched (dog whistle) laughter is the oldest flirting trick in the book. You laugh when you cannot help it because something is actually hilarious. You don’t giggle just to please those around you with your adorableness. Your laugh may be high-pitched, but it is very real and not particular to whose comment you’re reacting to. Flirting is not a priority of tomboys, so they normally laugh to praise someone for saying something funny rather than to demonstrate attraction.


Tomboys aren't typically focused on flirting and instead are more likely to laugh genuinely when something is genuinely funny. They don't giggle in an attempt to be cute or to please someone. Tomboys also have a different sense of fashion than other women, often opting for more masculine styles. They usually don't wear makeup or dresses and prefer more practical clothing. Tomboys are also more likely to be involved in traditionally masculine activities such as sports or outdoor activities. They tend to be more independent and less likely to worry about conforming to traditional gender roles.


Shopping is a Chore

You don’t pride yourself on updating your wardrobe with the latest trends. Fashion isn’t a priority, and shopping is a drag. You’d prefer a personal shopper so you can avoid the irritation of deciding what pieces look good together and what brands are better than others. You have very few dresses, and no one knows you own them simply because you never wear them. Receiving a gift card to Forever 21 rather than BestBuy is mildly depressing because you only visit Forever 21 when you’re forced.


You’re Not Obsessed with Texting and Social Media

A cell phone is a girly girl’s supreme accessory. To a tomboy, a phone is nothing other than a means of communication. You send texts to notify and ask others things that can be understood in a few words rather than a phone call. Constantly tweeting your thoughts, and adding every person you meet on Facebook are the least of your concerns. Social media barely appeals to you because you don’t seek the awareness and attention of others. Your everyday life belongs to you, and you find no need to share it with your 1,000 Facebook friends.

In saying this, I’m not implying that I dislike girly girls because in some aspects, I am one. I’m only channeling my inner tomboy in order to share with others. Do you have other traits of tomboys you’d like to share? Do any of these strike as inaccurate to you?

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I'm a girly girl and I love sports I hate giggling I just laugh my butt of I prefer having out with boys rather then girls not cause I think their cute (they eat like pigs!! Nast) Some of these reasons don't just apply to tomboys but girly girls as well!!!!

The last one is bang on

I HATE makeup, have ZERO dresses. Comfort over style any day. And ps I have boycut hair because long hair is too much maintenance

The only ones that don't describe me are 6 and 7 but yet I'm still kind of a girly girl

I'm a tomboy but with style I like skirts if they are pretty

Technically, no tomboy would be on "all women's talk", reading this.

bruh. I am a tom boy. Ty for calling me out.

Lol the only thing that does not apply to me is the last one

gymnastics focuses more on beauty than physicality... I'm guessing you've never been a gymnast

A lot of this definitely describes me. :D i also am a bit girly too.

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