8 Fashion Tips for Tomboys ...


8 Fashion Tips for Tomboys ...
8 Fashion Tips for Tomboys ...

Fashion tips for tomboys can vary from playing to their strengths to incorporating more feminine touches. On the designer runways, there’s been a recent shift to tomboy inspired fashion and this is filtering down to influence many street style trends. Boyfriend jeans, slouchy sweaters, heck, even overalls are making a comeback! Whether you’re a tomboy at heart or trying your hand at one of this season’s biggest trends, take a look at the following fashion tips for tomboy style.

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Embrace It

Embrace It If you’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, then now’s the time to embrace it. Tomboy fashion, ‘boyfriend dressing’ and androgynous looks are enjoying plenty of time in the fashion limelight. When looking at fashion tips for tomboys, always play to your strengths.


Embrace the comfortable and stylish loose-fitting jeans, oversized jackets, and crisp button-down shirts that make tomboy style so distinctive. The key is to mix these traditionally masculine pieces with a hint of femininity—think stacked bracelets or a subtle necklace. It's all about finding the balance that works for you, allowing your personality to shine through. Remember, confidence is your best accessory; wear these pieces with pride and a swagger that says you're comfortable in your own skin.


Work an Angle

Work an Angle Are you an athletic, preppy, or more urban kind of tomboy? Find and angle to work with and build your style upon it. Button-up shirts, varsity jackets, and oxfords shoes are great for working a preppy, dapper look. Sneakers and sweaters scream sporty chic. And slouchy denim and high top sneakers are ideal for putting together an urban inspired look.


Consider the essence of your personal brand when selecting garments. Mixing patterns with textures to create layers can enhance your athletic aesthetic while maintaining comfort. For instance, plaid shirts over graphic tees can elevate a preppy vibe, pairing well with chinos or dark denim. Incorporate accessories like beanies or snapback hats to add an urban edge to your look. Remember, the key is to embrace pieces that reflect your personality while offering versatility and ease. Remember, confidence is your best accessory—wear it proudly.


Add Feminine Touches

Add Feminine Touches Take a different angle when it comes to fashion tips for tomboys by incorporating some feminine flair into your look. Balance out the boyishness of a look with some costume jewellery, a petite handbag, or dainty shoes. You could even try wearing a boxy jacket or top in a traditionally feminine print like floral.


Accessorizing is key when it comes to softening up a tomboy aesthetic. Try layering with delicate necklaces or bracelets that offer a subtle sparkle. You don't have to go for bold and bright – even the slightest hint of glimmer catches the eye. Infuse some softness with a silky scarf or choose ankle boots with a modest heel for poise and grace. A lace camisole under an unbuttoned shirt can blend rugged with refined, showcasing a multifaceted style. Remember, the devil is in the details, so choose each piece with intention.


Work Your Accessories

Work Your Accessories If you’re wearing a fairly basic outfit, you can add tomboy touches in the form of accessories. A chunky watch here, a baseball cap there – it can all come together to create a perfectly tomboy chic look. When it comes to bags, you can’t go past a sporty backpack or leather messenger bag.


Lean into the edgy vibe with a pair of aviator sunglasses or some studded bracelets. Layering is also key – think a mix of leather and metal wristbands. Don’t underestimate the power of a belt, especially one with a bold buckle. Skip the dainty jewelry and opt for chunky chain necklaces or a stack of rugged rings. These little details can make a world of difference, transforming your look from simple to street-smart and stylish.


Play with Texture

Play with Texture Mix and match different materials to create a thoughtful tomboy look. Team rugged denim with sheer fabric, soft cotton with supple leather, or rich wool with patent finishes. Tomboy fashion tips like these are all about experimenting with different combinations.


Experiment with Colour

Experiment with Colour Both bright and pastel colour palettes are popular right now, and you can make this work for your tomboy outfit. Bold, primary colours make for great accent pieces be it in the form of clothing or accessories. Also try picking up traditionally tomboyish styles of clothing in pastel colours for a quirky twist.


Button It up

Button It up As you can see, fashion tips for tomboys don’t always have to be about recreating a rough and tumble style. Work an on-trend tomboy look and button your shirt all the way up to the neck. You’ll look all the more dapper for it. Tuck your shirt into a pair of cropped pants to complete this tomboy look.


Fancy Feet

Fancy Feet Traditionally masculine shoes such as smoking slippers, brogues, and wingtips are becoming more and more popular among females. Pick up a pair and wear them with everything from your most tomboyish outfits to feminine dresses.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate some tomboy style into your wardrobe. These are just a few fashion tips for tomboys to consider. Are you a tomboy, or looking to try out the tomboy trend this season? What are your best fashion tips for tomboy style?

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Love those fancy feet :)

Love this article. I'm the tomboy type and it is hard to find trends in fashion mags that fit with my favored aesthetic. I really like the tip about finding your angle and wearing masculine styled shoe wear. A tip that I have to share may seem obvious- but I love to find a cool unisex tee or smaller size piece of menswear i.e. vest or tie and find feminine pieces to build around it. Nike outlet stores always have men's tee shirts on sale and $10 drawstring sport backpacks- I pair them with cropped grey pants, ballerina flats and a scarf and its the perfect balance for me.

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